• What Is the Value of History?

    antique book and glasses on a table

    Too often, we fall on one side or the other when discussing history. Either the past was a semi-utopia compared to present day, or it was a nightmare that we’re finally escaping.

  • In the Garden of Our Hearts

    woman tending to kale in garden

    God’s presence means that we should be growing spiritual fruit, but why is this so important and how do we maximize our results?

  • When Lion’s Mouths Don’t Shut

    roaring lion on black background

    The Bible says that we are to have faith in God’s power to redeem and transform others, but what do we make of this in the face of a world that seems unforgiving and painful? 

  • The Road Not Taken…Yet

    happy child dreams of traveling and playing with an airplane

    When we feel like we have received a ‘calling’ from God, what do we do if it seems impossible and all the doors are still closed?

  • What to Do with Angry Prayers

    A young woman screams with her mouth open while covering her ears with her hands.

    How honest are we allowed to get in our prayers? Is it okay to sometimes get frustrated or even — Dare we say it? — angry with God? 

  • An Honest Assessment of ‘Good’ People

    Young people applauding at conference.

    Although they obviously never met, Sigmund Freud, agnostic and slightly demented psychologist, agreed on one point with the eminent theologian John Wesley: people are terrible.

  • We Who Are Thinking Reeds

    Reeds in Autumn

    As the old hymn says, God moves in mysterious ways, but how often are we willing to trust that fact, or do we attempt to unveil the Lord enigmatic designs? 

  • Looking for Happiness, Seeking Heaven

    United group of happy young friends having fun while taking a selfie

    God offers us a way to discover joy in the ashes of our lives, but it runs so counter to how we’ve been told to find happiness by the world that it almost doesn’t make sense. 

  • Who Is this Person Again?

    Phone call from unknown number late at night.

    Christ never forced people to follow him, and he let a lot of people walk away, so are we one of the noncommittal fans or are we an actual disciple of God? 

  • Instructions on How to Catch a Fox

    A fox mother returning from her hunting trip.

    God has gifted us and called us to live a wild life unchained by fear and greed, but how do we escape, if we’ve been caught by those tempting illusions of security?