• Letting Go of the Past

    Dandelion blowing in the wind.

    As beautiful as certain past experiences can be, the moment they stop us from living fully in the present, they become a problem. 

  • Between the Mountain and the Waves

    Katsushika Hokusai's  The Great Wave off Kanagawa

    Humility is one of the most difficult Christian virtues both to define and obtain. What is it exactly? How can we tell if we’re succeeding in becoming more humble?

  • The Philosophy of Our Value

    Human hand with human on a sticker

    Our modern culture has many metrics by which we measure the value of another person, and to some degree, these ideas have worked their way into the church. 

  • A Hope that Can Endure

    carefree woman in spring

    Hope, like the word ‘love’, gets used in many different ways, so how do we understand what biblical hope is?

  • Stepping Out of the Darkness

    Illustration of man with lantern in the dark

    Scripture calls believers the light of the world; despite this, we’re often troubled by sin and struggles, so how do we live out this calling? 

  • Blend In or Stand Out?

    Stand Out 3D Concept, One Man Glowing Among Other People in Dark Condition.

    As Christians, we often struggle with the dilemma of cultural relevancy pitted against cultural ‘purity.’ How do we honor God while living in a society that definitively does not? 

  • How to Make Good Enemies

    White pawn in chess game

    How much do I actually believe all of the Bible’s commands? The truth comes out when I have the opportunity to put them into practice. 

  • Learning to Understand the Music

    jazz musicians in the evening

    The Holy Spirit makes it possible for us to know God, but he definitely doesn’t answer all of the questions or automatically let us in on all the secrets, so do we just let parts of the Bible stay a mystery? 

  • The Home We’ve Never Known

    Man rowing on foggy water

    The recent film Northman is a surreal saga of one man’s revenge quest amid Norse myth and relentless brutality. The main character witnesses his father and then half of his hometown be murdered by his uncle and uncle’s followers. He barely escapes, only to witness his mother being carried off by the traitors.

  • Obeying a New Law

    standing in a field

    An existence under the law has a certain straightforwardness to it, but it will always lack the actual life and power of a true relationship with God.