• The Beasts of the Field

    Two snow leopards

    How does the Bible approach animals and their relationship to humanity, eternity and God?

  • The Many Steps of Grief

    Silhouette of a woman crying near a window

    Mourning is never easy, but some cultural practices give us greater avenues to avoid painful feelings; however, God made us to experience and go through this stage of life. 

  • The Gap between Body and Soul

    Lone church on a horizon

    We don’t understand the space between what we are as physical creatures and spiritual beings, and our explanations often hurt us because they’re often not actually biblical. 

  • Street Smarts and Spirit Smarts

    A busy crosswalk with people walking and riding bicycles

    While discernment can be more complicated than we might expect, all believers should understand what it is and how to get it. 

  • For the Sufferers on Good Friday

    Artist's depiction of Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns

    The evil in the world may cause us to question whether God understands our pain, but this holiday is a reminder that he truly does, and he has a plan. 

    “I don’t think God knows everything all the time.” She wouldn’t look at me while she said this.

  • Why Do I Not Belong?

    Man looking onto a hazy horizon

    We often feel strangely at odds with the world around us, and yet God must have put us in this place for a reason, so how do we resolve this tension? 

  • Shining Glory or a Bloody Cross?

    A woman, sitting on a porch, looking out onto a sunset

    Are we following a theology of glory or a theology of the cross? The difference may seem small, but it’s incredibly significant for the power and efficacy of our faith. 

  • The Friend Who Stays

    Two friends laughing together

    We all want relationships with people who know us well and love us, but what is the secret ingredient to friendships that last? 

  • The Debate of Nice Vs. Kind

    Group of friends having dinner together

    Although most people don’t realize it, there is a vast difference between being nice and being kind, and one is far more biblical than the other. 

  • Laying a Robe Over the Scars

    Woman on the beach

    Life is difficult and often leaves us deeply wounded. Friends, family members or coworkers who betray us or lie about us can deal incredible harm to our hearts and minds. Why God allows us to go through horrific circumstances?