• How to Make Good Enemies

    White pawn in chess game

    How much do I actually believe all of the Bible’s commands? The truth comes out when I have the opportunity to put them into practice. 

  • Learning to Understand the Music

    jazz musicians in the evening

    The Holy Spirit makes it possible for us to know God, but he definitely doesn’t answer all of the questions or automatically let us in on all the secrets, so do we just let parts of the Bible stay a mystery? 

  • The Home We’ve Never Known

    Man rowing on foggy water

    The recent film Northman is a surreal saga of one man’s revenge quest amid Norse myth and relentless brutality. The main character witnesses his father and then half of his hometown be murdered by his uncle and uncle’s followers. He barely escapes, only to witness his mother being carried off by the traitors.

  • Obeying a New Law

    standing in a field

    An existence under the law has a certain straightforwardness to it, but it will always lack the actual life and power of a true relationship with God. 

  • The Seasons of Rest and Work

    Woman looking out over lake at dusk

    In a world rife with burnout and exhaustion, when and how do we rest according to the scriptures? 

  • Stillness, Silence and Solitude

    Looking out into the distance

    God has three uncomfortable gifts to us that invite us into his presence, but usually we’d rather not accept what he’s offering. 

  • Protecting the Lives of the Unborn

    mother and child

    For many believers, Dobbs decision is an answer to prayer that comes after years of grief over the lost lives of innocents. 

  • Called to Be Married or Single?

    Lonely woman sitting on a wooden bridge sunset.

    The term ‘gift of singleness’ gets tossed around sometimes at church, but is that a gift we should desire over marriage and how do we know if God’s given it to us? 

  • An Ardent Defense of Death

    Valley of Death

    Sin and our ultimate demise are the two great outcomes of the Fall in Genesis, and they don’t seem very kind or fair until we start to examine them both a little closer.

  • A Balm for Guilt and Grief

    Boy sitting sadly by a window

    Scripture is filled with people who fail, sin against God and lose what they love, but it also offers the opportunity of redemption to those who are burdened by their past.