• A Letter from the Shadow of the Gallows

    Holding hands in prayer on Bibles

    What would revival look like if it were actually going to change the face of our nation and, more importantly, the church in America?

  • Stitching Up the Wounds

    Man weeping and covering face

    How do we stir up a radical passion for God’s will and people in the world? Suffering and how we respond to it could be our answer.

  • Does God Learn New Things?

    Mountains covered in fog

    The Bible seems like it goes back and forth about whether or not God ever changes his mind about things. How do we make sense of this?

  • The Two Sides of a Gift

    Person opening a gift

    Spiritual gifts cause an unusual amount of tension in the church, whether it’s people clamoring for their talents to be recognized or those who are fearful of their misuse.

  • If We Could Go Back in Time…

    Man in distance fishing on large reflective lake

    God gives us an incredible, living resource with which to navigate life, but we have to discover what it is and allow ourselves to be changed in the process.

  • How to Befriend Our Rivals

    A group of friends in the sunset

    God makes it very clear in scripture that there is one thing in us that spells the ruin of our relationship with him and other people.

  • Clouds of Passion and Misunderstanding

    Interior of a traditional Protestant church

    God wants the church to work together like a body, but we’re more like a body with cancer; we’re attacking ourselves…

    The famous reformer Martin Luther and almost equally important reformer Huldreich Zwingli were contemporaries but most emphatically not friends.

  • Growing in the Desert

    Cactus flower growing in desert

    Jesus told his followers that with God, all things are possible, but do we actually believe that?

  • Who Inspires God’s Compassion?

    Two people holding hands

    The Bible clearly says that God loves people, but Jesus also walked away from a lot of people, so who does God reach out to and what inspires his merciful attention? 

  • Getting Hammered Down by Life

    Distressed elderly woman in hospital.

    Problems and suffering in life can sometimes feel relentless, so how do we endure when our trials and complications just don’t stop coming?