• Born Into a Battle

    Gary Wilkerson

    If we understand that we’re born into a battle, as the Bible shows, we’ll accept that we’re engaged in warfare and that it has a purpose. Without this understanding, we won’t see the victories that are a part of God’s plan for us.

  • God Is More than Enough to Deliver

    Gary Wilkerson

    You’ve heard it said that God is more than enough to deliver us from our difficulties. He doesn’t lack power or authority and has more than enough wisdom, mercy and grace for our needs. God simply has no insufficiency. So if he is more than enough to deliver us, do we believe he can deliver the lukewarm church? Can he deliver our troubled nation?

  • In the Dark

    Gary Wilkerson

    It is one thing to suffer through times of darkness when we bring it on ourselves through a lifestyle of sinful behaviors. In that case, we should expect arrows to come. For the upright in heart, however, endlessly suffering in the dark is troubling to the soul.

  • God Is Faithful, Even When We Are Not

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    I know all about the restraining hand of the Lord. He allows his children to go only so far but no further. In my early days of ministry, he restrained me when I was ready to quit during times of awful discouragement. At times, I felt overwhelmed by all the financial responsibilities. I felt like a failure as a husband and father as well. I would get so low about my overwhelming obligations that I thought my faith would shatter completely.

  • Impossible Love

    Gary Wilkerson

    First Corinthians 12 is all about the gifts of the Holy Spirit operating within the body of Christ. In this glowing chapter, the apostle Paul laid out how vital it is for Christ’s body to operate in his gifts, functioning as one body. To fulfill our calling, the church needs evangelists, teachers, preachers and people with gifts of prophecy, healing, miracles, tongues, administration and helping.