• A Highway Out of Egypt

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    Isaiah 19 contains an astounding prophecy that concerns every lost child of God and every backslider in the world. This chapter contains a dual prophecy, directed both to literal Israel and to spiritual Judah — the church of today. Moffatt's translation brings it out in its most powerful form.

    It is called, "A Prophecy On Egypt." It is so far–reaching, so incredible, we will hardly believe it. Yet everything Isaiah prophesies in this chapter is confirmed by Christ Himself in the New Testament.

  • The Truth About Corruption

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    We have developed a distorted view of what corruption really is. Not many Christians understand God's definition of corruption, and few believers would admit they are guilty of it.

    We consider ungodly sinners as corrupt. According to our theology corruption is alcohol and drug abuse, adultery and fornication, cheating and gambling, promiscuity, homosexuality, murder, rape, incest and other such wicked deeds. We have narrowed down corruption to wild passions and life-controlling lusts.

  • The Man Who Missed Christ

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    I want to show you the most tragic man in history. He is not Judas; he is not Herod; he is not even a hater of God. He was a son of David, a king in Jerusalem, and in type the saddest, most pathetic man on earth.

    Please hear me out when I tell you that an Old Testament king, years before Bethlehem and Calvary, missed Christ. How can a man miss Christ, centuries before He was born?

  • Restoration

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    The days of the Gentiles are almost over. God has given us plenty of warning that the Spirit will not forever strive with the rebellious. But before this generation comes under the retribution of almighty God - a great restoration is prophesied.

  • Be Ye Holy

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    Three months after Israel left Egypt, they arrived at the base of Mount Sinai and set up camp. Moses climbed that rugged mountain to commune with the Lord. God called to him and said:

    "I am going to come to you in the form of a dark cloud so that the people themselves can hear me when I talk to you, and then they will always believe you. Go down and get the people ready for my visit…Sanctify them…

  • A Christless Pentecost

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    The following is a prophetic warning from Azusa Street 75 years ago, concerning the dangers of a Christless Pentecost!

    Frank Bartleman was an eyewitness to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1907 at Azusa Street, Los Angeles. He has been characterized as the Reporter of the Azusa Street Revival. Nearly 75 years ago, during the outpouring, he wrote a tract warning of a Christless Pentecost.

  • The Key to Power Over Sin

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    I thought that the way to get power over sin would be to study the origin of sin. In other words, where did sin come from? How did I get infected with it? But what a long, involved study that is. It's a rather complicated story of a star war that took place before I was born, when the chief angel, Lucifer, led an army of a third of God's angels in an insurrection.

  • You Can't Depend on Others For Your Happiness

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    A sad young minister and his wife came to me for counseling recently. After four troubled years of marriage and two children, they were contemplating divorce. She was the saddest looking wife I have seen in years. Her husband, the young youth minister, stood nearby, shuffling his weight from foot to foot, while his teary-eyed wife sobbed out her confession to me.

  • Jesus and Forgiveness

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    The most difficult thing in all the world for Christians to do is forgive. For all the talk in the church about forgiveness, restitution, and healing, there is very little of it truly demonstrated. We all like to think of ourselves as peacemakers, lifters up of those fallen, always forgiving and forgetting. But even the most deeply spiritual today are guilty of wounding brothers and sisters by not showing a spirit of forgiveness.

  • War in Heaven

    “There was war in heaven” (Revelation 12:7).

    We hear a lot of talk today about a war on terrorism. We hear about a war called jihad, a war in Palestine, threats of war from North Korea. Never in history has there been such a time of war throughout the earth. And these conflicts are widely publicized, because of the instant communication we have now. Almost immediately, we receive reports of bombings, ambushes, death tolls.