• The Results, Response and Remedy of Sin - Psalm 38

    Gary Wilkerson

    In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson explores the deep implications of sin, detailing its profound effects on our lives and the divine response it elicits. The sermon meticulously examines Psalm 38, where David confesses the overwhelming burden of his sins and their debilitating impact on his spirit, mind, and body. Gary underscores the necessity of acknowledging our sins and the indispensable role of God's grace in our redemption. He emphasizes that while sin wreaks havoc, God's mercy presents the ultimate remedy through the transformative power of forgiveness and the hope of salvation.



  • Taking Back Control of Your Life

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    Many Christians want to be instruments of God's work in the world, and that is commendable. However, we are often tempted into making the Lord's battles into our personal fight, and then our egos and pride get involved. In this sermon, David Wilkerson examines the prophet Elijah's struggle against Queen Jezebel and why God allowed Elijah to experience such intense spiritual attack and setbacks in his ministry to Israel.

  • The Restraining Power of the Holy Spirit

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    In this sermon, David Wilkerson discusses the restraining power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians. Using biblical examples like King Saul, he illustrates how rejecting God's Word and commandments can lead to the lifting of the Holy Spirit's restraining power, resulting in turmoil, envy, self-pity, and even turning against God's messengers. This sermon emphasizes the importance of trembling at God's Word, maintaining a holy fear of God, and consistently studying the Bible to keep the Holy Spirit's restraining power active in one's life. He encourages Christians to repent of their sins and seek deliverance, trusting in God's love and mercy.

  • Overcoming the World (1 John 5:1-12)

    Joshua West

    In this exhortative sermon, Joshua West explains that those who genuinely believe that Jesus is the Christ and Son of God are born of God and will overcome the world. He outlines three key evidences of being born of God: confessing Jesus as the Christ, loving God and fellow believers, and obeying God's commandments out of love rather than burden. Christians overcome the world not by their own works, but through faith in Christ's completed work on the cross. Joshua West also highlights the unique testimony of the Spirit, water, and blood that affirms Jesus' divinity and sacrificial death. Eternal life is found exclusively in Jesus Christ, and those who put their faith in Him will lose their life for His sake but ultimately gain true, everlasting life.

  • The Overwhelming Victory

    John Bailey

    In this sermon, John Bailey uses the story of David and Goliath to illustrate Jesus' overwhelming victory over sin, death, and the powers of darkness. His triumph should inspire Christians to step out in faith, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and pursue the lost in their city. The church must go beyond its walls, showing genuine love and concern for those hurting and in need of the gospel. Let's pray for opportunities to share Jesus with others and evangelize our communities.

  • I'm Still Standing - Psalm 37

    Gary Wilkerson

    Explore the depths of Psalm 37 with Gary Wilkerson in this powerful sermon that speaks to the heart of every believer facing life's storms. Discover timeless wisdom for navigating envy, adversity, and the acts of the wicked with faith, meekness, and trust in God. This sermon promises an uplifting message of hope and endurance, reminding us that through steadfast faith, we are more than conquerors.

  • How Can I Change?

    Gary Wilkerson

    In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson discusses how many Christians still struggle with deep emotional wounds, fears, and besetting sins even after accepting Christ. Traumatic experiences and negative words spoken over us lead to feeling inadequate, insecure and unloved. When we agree with and internalize these negative accusations, they keep us in bondage. However, the perfect love of Jesus Christ has the power to heal these wounds and cast out fears as we allow God to pour His faithful love into our hearts. As we replace the lies we've believed with the truth of who we are in Christ, the Holy Spirit brings freedom and transformation to our lives.

  • God Is Love (1 John 4:7-21)

    Joshua West

    In this deeply moving sermon by Joshua West, based on 1 John 4:7-21, discover the heart of Christianity as we explore how God's love, intrinsic to His nature, should profoundly impact how we love one another. This sermon is a call to action for all believers to reflect God's love in every relationship, showcasing it as the hallmark of genuine faith.

  • Fulfilling Your Deepest Longings - Psalm 36

    Gary Wilkerson

    Gary Wilkerson dives into Psalm 36, exploring the pursuit of fulfilling the deep desires of our hearts. He contrasts the paths of seeking satisfaction through worldly desires against the fulfillment found in God's steadfast love, faithfulness, and righteousness. He emphasizes that true fulfillment and abundant life come not from chasing after the temporary pleasures of the world but from anchoring our desires in the unchanging and generous love of God. This sermon invites listeners to redirect their longings towards God, where true satisfaction and delight are found.

  • Test the Spirits (1 John 4:1-6)

    Joshua West

    Join Joshua West in this pivotal sermon from his enlightening series on 1 John. Delve into the critical call for discernment in the Christian walk, as West unpacks the Apostle John's advice for distinguishing between divine guidance and deceitful influences. Discover the keys to safeguarding your faith with the help of scripture and the Holy Spirit.