• What Can God Do in Three Weeks?

    Gary Wilkerson

    Have you ever begged God to do something quickly? In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson explores how we respond to God when he moves so slowly that we wonder if he will ever act or when the Lord so fast that we struggle to believe that it's him. We expect God to act on our timeline, addressing the needs we think are a top priority, but our Father often has other ideas. He wants to press us like olive oil until we are spiritually refined, and a significant part of that is learning to trust God's timelines.

  • Called to Guard the Good Deposit (2 Timothy 1:1-18)

    Joshua West

    What do we do in the face of preachers that go against the very plain teaching of scripture? How do we handle being discouraged by problems in the church? In this study of 2 Timothy, Joshua West discusses what exactly the Apostle Paul meant when he commanded his young protégé to 'guard the good deposit.' Every believe must work hard to hold fast to our faith while opposed by very real opposition and problems.

  • Deep Clean - Genuine Repentance

    John Bailey

    My Christians are familiar with the biblical concept of repentance, but none of us truly understands how deeply God wants our repentance to go. This week, John Bailey preaches on the depth of transformation that Christ wants to carry out in our hearts and minds. God's ways conflict with our ideas and decisions far more than we realize, and aligning ourselves to the mind of Christ will require our flesh to die in ways we have never imagined. The reward, however, is so great that we dare not overlook the importance of repentance in our walk with God.

  • Humility

    Gary Wilkerson

    How often do you allow your identity to become wrapped up in accomplishments or work? In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson discusses how our misplaced identities haunt our Christian walk with God. Satan tempted Jesus to place his identity in things other than who God said he was; Jesus did not fall for this temptation, but we often do. How do we reset our identity in God's definition of who we are and how we are valued? Fortunately, the Apostle Paul points us to a clear answer in his letters to the early church.

  • All Debts Canceled

    Gary Wilkerson

    How does the law fill the church, and how is both hurting us and yet urgently important to our faith? In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson talks about how we exhaust ourselves trying to obey all of the rules in the Bible so we live a righteous life. The reaction can sometimes be to discard all of God's laws and claim only his grace, but Gary points out that the law serves an important purpose in directing us to the Lord's grace. 

  • You Didn’t Choose God, He Chose You

    Gary Wilkerson

    None of us chose to come to God, and this is actually wonderful news. In this talk for a Teen Challenge seminar, Gary Wilkerson talks about how the 'holy hound of heaven' chases each one of us down and brings us to the Father. This means that none of us were smart enough or well-behaved enough to earn our way into heaven, and this should humble us with great gladness before our majestic and gracious God. Out of this knowledge should flow abundant gratitude, worship and freedom.

  • The Generation That Seeks the Lord - Psalm 24

    Gary Wilkerson

    Being distracted by good things when we are meant to be enticed by the best thing—learning more about God and worshipping him—will slow our spiritual growth and maturity. Often good works and service are a mask for anxiety over things that the world tells us are more important than our calling to seek the Lord's face. This week, Gary Wilkerson shares how this can happen to any Christian and how Psalm 24 illustrates the true life believers are meant to live.

  • Fourteen Blessings - Psalm 23

    Gary Wilkerson

    Reading about the 14 blessings in this psalm may feel overwhelming because we don't see them in our lives, despite years of faithfully following Christ. In this episode, Gary Wilkerson talks about how we can overcome discouragement when we are not experiencing the goodness described in psalm 23.

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  • The Nation of Israel and the End Times

    Tim Dilena

    Honoring Israel should be a value in the church around the world. In this sermon, Tim Dilena discusses the implications of Genesis 12:1-3 where God promises Abraham a blessed nation and forms an everlasting covenant with Israel. What we see throughout scripture is that God loves and blesses the nation of Israel. We ought to seek for what God blesses and embrace it. If that weren't enough, we see in scripture that Israel is key somehow to God's end-time plans.

  • The Psalm of the Cross - Psalm 22

    Gary Wilkerson

    This psalm is prophetic and predicted the suffering that Jesus would experience before his death; however, Gary Wilkerson points out how this psalm can be predictive but still have a great deal to teach us about how to approach suffering. In our trials, God invites us into unique honesty with him and assurance that he understands our pain.

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