• Bad Math

    Tim Dilena

    In this powerful message from the Fire in Our Bones conference in San Diego, Pastor Tim Dilena dives into Acts 16:6-26, exploring the story of Paul and Silas imprisoned in Macedonia. He draws compelling parallels between their situation and the challenges we face in our own lives, reminding us to avoid "bad math" – miscalculating God's plan and presence in difficult times.

  • Hungry for Jesus: Rekindling Your Magnificent Obsession

    Gary Wilkerson

    Pastor Gary Wilkerson delivers a passionate message about rekindling your first love for Jesus. He challenges listeners to move beyond the routine and distractions to experience a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. 

    Here are some key points from this sermon: 

    • The message focuses on the importance of prioritizing Jesus and letting him be the center of our lives. 

    • Gary Wilkerson shares a personal story about his own struggle with distraction and his desire for a deeper relationship with Jesus.

    • The message emphasizes the importance of spending time in prayer, studying the Bible, and worshipping God. 

    • It challenges listeners to remove distractions and obstacles that hinder their relationship with Jesus.

  • I See a Substitute - Psalm 30

    Gary Wilkerson

    The Lord is a God of justice and wrath, but he also is full of mercy and grace that has spared his followers from destruction. King David was keenly aware of this throughout the psalms as he reflected on his failures and God's goodness. In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson examines the history behind this particular psalm but also this man of God's heart as it is expressed through the ancient lines. As believers, we can all find a guide for falling on the Lord's mercy when we have stumbled then repented.

  • The Spirit of Antichrist (1 John 2:18-29)

    Joshua West

    Any theology that doesn't glorify Christ as he is revealed in the scriptures is something meant to destroy the church from within. Anything that diminishes reverence toward the Bible should be avoided. In this message, Joshua West discusses how the greatest danger to the church isn't the world but rather 'Christians' who are actually evangelists for the flesh. There is no neutral ground in the kingdom of heaven; we are either for God or for the darkened world.

  • On Being a Mighty One (Psalm 29)

    Gary Wilkerson

    The voices in our lives can change the trajectory of our lives. The voice of the Lord can utterly transform our hearts and minds. In this teaching, Gary Wilkerson looks at how the psalms show the real impact and importance of hearing God's voice. There are so many misconceptions about what it means to hear from God, but the scriptures give us instructions on how to open ourselves to the Lord's instructions and blessings.

  • How Prayers Turn to Praise - Psalm 28

    Gary Wilkerson

    What is the prayer that you want to turn into praise? In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson explores how scripture leads us into a deeper understanding of fervent and effectual prayer. When we're struggling with overwhelming circumstances, we can be caught by wondering if God's silence is because he's saying no to our request. Despite all our doubts, this is the time to press forward, seeking the Lord's presence.

  • Do Not Love the World (1 John 2:15-17)

    Joshua West

    The Bible talks about God's great love at great length, but how does this truth weave together with God's judgment and his commands for us to not love the world? In this sermon, Joshua West explores why God's holiness means he does not accept any way of living that is apart from his law. As followers of Christ, this means that we will love righteousness and not excuse sin, no matter how tempting it may be to adopt worldly ways.

  • Gazing on the Beauty of the Lord - Psalm 27

    Gary Wilkerson

    When we are in times of serious trouble, we often pray and look for God's hand to move. In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson examines how this psalm invites us to search for God's face and presence in our troubles rather than for his saving hand. As counterintuitive as this may seem, we will find far greater strength and peace than if we only desire a rescue from our suffering.

  • Cultivating a Culture of Revelation

    In this sermon, Ron Brown emphasizes the importance of seeking personal revelation from God in our daily lives. He defines revelation as the "unveiling and the unfolding of Jesus more and more in our lives."

    The Importance of Revelation:
    We need to continually seek revelation from God to understand His will and purpose for our lives.
    The Bible is a source of revelation, but personal encounters with God are also crucial.

    Dwelling in the Holy of Holies:
    Brown emphasizes the concept of dwelling in the "Holy of Holies," a metaphor for experiencing God's presence intimately. This requires constant communication with God and living a life aligned with His will.

    Benefits of a Culture of Revelation:
    • Receiving guidance and direction from God.
    • Experiencing joy, peace, and strength in the midst of challenges.
    • Living a life that accurately reflects God's character and love to the world.

    Brown encourages the audience to develop a "culture of revelation" by:
    • Meeting with Jesus: Engaging in daily prayer, reflection, and worship.
    • Hearing God's voice: Paying attention to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
    • Living in the Holy of Holies: Continuously seeking God's presence and guidance.

  • Taking Our Problems into God's Presence - Psalm 26

    Gary Wilkerson

    Have you ever refused to join in a sinful situation, so the people who were taking part in it started to make accusations against you? In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson explores Psalm 26 and how our sanctification will convict others and possibly cause them to turn against us. Since none of us is perfect, their accusations can hold an especially painful grain of truth. In those moments, how do we turn to God and find hope for his work in our lives?