Living Like Jesus in a Herod-like World

Gary Wilkerson

In this powerful message from the 2024 Fire in Our Bones Conference in San Diego, Pastor Gary Wilkerson challenges Christians to navigate the complexities of modern life while staying true to the teachings of Jesus. Drawing parallels between the current world and the time of King Herod, Gary Wilkerson explores the challenges of facing opposition, the pursuit of worldly success, and the importance of maintaining a genuine love for God. This message will inspire you to live authentically and courageously for Christ, even amidst a fallen world.

Key Points:
Living in a "Herod-like world": Gary Wilkerson compares the ruthlessness and insecurity of King Herod to the characteristics of the modern world, highlighting the pressures to conform and achieve success at any cost.

Overcoming the temptation of worldly success: Gary Wilkerson warns against the allure of power, prestige, and wealth, urging believers to focus on the true riches found in Christ.

Maintaining genuine love for God: This sermon emphasizes the importance of keeping a burning love for God at the center of our lives, even when facing difficulties and temptations.