• Disappointments Can Be Dangerous

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    Clinging to God’s Name in Our Anguish

    Every child of God suffers disappointments. At times we can feel totally defeated, despairing and dead inside because all our hopes, dreams and visions have gone wrong. We may hope for something, seeking God for it and waiting for it expectantly, but we never see it come to pass. All of these things bring disappointment, and that can lead to anguish. Anguish is a painful loss of heart, a sense of hopelessness that no matter how hard we may try things will never work out for us.

  • The Goodness of God in Answering Prayer

    Gary Wilkerson

    Satan’s accusations sometimes reveal how good God is.

    You’ve just lifted your head and slowly opened your eyes from a time of prayer. So what happens now? What is the effect of what you’ve just done? What will be the impact? What’s your expectation?

    Often, we forget our prayers as soon as we offer them. Some of us approach prayer as duty, something we do before we start our day or at the day’s end. To some, prayer is a gesture done on behalf of someone in need or to make a request of one’s own. In every case, what difference do we honestly think our prayers make?

  • The Nearness of God

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    He is never closer than in our trials

    I want to share with you two verses from Helen Spurrell’s translation of the original Hebrew text: “When designing pursuers approached me, who are far from thy law; then thou, O Jehovah, wast near, with all thy faithful commandments” (Psalm 119:150-151).

    Embedded in this passage is a glorious truth that can change your life, bringing you peace and giving you rest beyond anything you have yet experienced. Once you understand the fact that God loves you and is continually near you, all fear and anxiety must go.

  • Run with the Horses

    Gary Wilkerson

    Faith for Times to Come

    I can still remember how deeply affected I was by a song that came out several years ago. It’s called “Clear the Stage” by the musician Jimmy Needham.

    The song speaks of how a great number of churches—including the last one I pastored—can make a big impression through smoke machines, giant video screens and massive racks of lights. Jimmy’s message was how easily we become dependent on outer trappings like these and end up missing Jesus.

  • Who Told You You're Unworthy?

    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    Listening to the Cross Instead of the Accuser

    Who told you that you’re unworthy, no good, useless, unusable to God? Who keeps reminding you that you’re weak, helpless, a total failure? Who told you that you’ll never measure up to God’s standard?

    We all know where this voice comes from. It’s the devil himself. You hear his lies all day long, a voice that tells you God is continually angry with you. That voice comes straight from the pits of hell.

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd

    Gary Wilkerson

    Every Christian has known mountaintop peaks and deep, dark valleys in their walk with Jesus. In my experience, it’s the valleys—the low places, trials and difficult times—that teach us how to be people of prayer, hope and courageous service.