• No Fig Leaves for Sale

    repairing broken pottery

    People are inclined to hide their flaws, but the Bible takes a brutally honest look at humanity’s brokenness for a very important reason: only God is perfect, and we can only be transformed if we believe that powerful truth.

    Once upon a time, ‘heroic nudity’ was as thing.

  • Ask for Anything in God’s Name?


    The Bible’s instructions on prayer sometimes seem at odds, so it can feel confusing whether God gives us whatever we request or whether there are provisos on this promise.

  • What Is ‘Christian’ Confrontation?


    Clearly, the church needs accountability and restoration for people struggling with imbedded sin, but just as clearly, some approaches do more harm than good.

  • When a Wolf Comes to Church


    False believers and leaders can cause incredible damage to us, so how do we identify and escape these toxic individuals?

  • The Mountain Before Our Eyes


    When our lives are completely upended and we are faced with impossible circumstances, how do we find the faith we are told we must have in order to move mountains?

  • The Less Entertaining Church


    The fall of church leaders and people hurt in the fallout has made headline news in recent years, but now more than ever we must ask the question: how do we wisely evaluate spiritual communities?

  • As We Face Each Calamity

    Chaotic waters

    Few will argue that 2020 was a difficult year. 

    After the initial waves of COVID-19, general buzz on the internet was that the pandemic was hitting people harder than we’d realized it might, even if they never caught the virus. Now studies are substantiating our sense of the impact.

  • The Second Sunday of Advent

    As Christmas quickly approaches, many of us harbor hopes for a better, brighter holiday than ever filled with joy, but how do we hold on to that hope through the holidays and beyond? 

    The holidays seem to herald their approach these days through the Hallmark channel.

  • How Much Work Are Spiritual Gifts

    Discovering the gifts that our heavenly Father has given us are only half the battle; the other part is learning how to use them fully. Are we ready for that?

  • The Rough Work of Dedication

    If we knew that our spiritual walk with Christ was going to be hard and take a long time, would we be quick to take it on or would we avoid God?