• Am I a Martha or a Mary?

    When we’re trying to live well as Christians, are we busy listening to Christ or making a list of ways that other believers are failing to do as well as us?

  • Are You Actually Listening?

    As we go through life, how often do we really take time to love and care for others, especially those people we don’t like very much?

  • The Degree of Sin and Forgiveness

    Most of us operate under the assumption that some sins are worse than others and harder to forgive, but is this a biblical idea?

  • When We Lose a Child

    This is Child Loss Awareness Day, and we want to acknowledge the grief and long journey of parents who have had a little one pass away.

  • Great Expectations for God

    As World Challenge sets out plans for our World Challenge conferences, we are praying and anticipating God’s goodness and power to be revealed in new ways.

  • Churches Breaking Like Biscuits

    Believers in the West have more religious options and liberties than ever, but the church seems to be struggling in direct proportion, so what’s the problem?

  • What if I Don’t Wait for God?

    When the answers to our prayers seem to get delayed, our greatest temptation often becomes trying to help God out.

  • When Is It Okay for Me to Judge?

    We often hear that we shouldn’t judge others, but does this mean that we shouldn’t speak up if we notice sin or problems in someone else’s life?

  • Living on Top of the World

    Greatness in achievement and position is something that our culture idolizes, but how does Christianity support or contradict that goal?

  • Fundamentalist vs. Progressive Christians

    Some believers argue that we should withdraw from popular culture while others think we should adjust our tenets to the modern ethos, but who is right?