• The Virtue of Patience in Pain

    Sad woman waiting outdoors

    God often permits pain to enter into his children’s lives, and he promises to gloriously transform these moments to joy, but the space of waiting between those two moments can be agonizing.

  • A Song Out of the Night

    singer at concert

    God doesn’t guarantee us an easy life anywhere in scripture; in fact, the Bible promises us quite the opposite in many places, so how should we respond to that?

  • How We Escape Binding Sins

    man running out of tunnel

    Many of us struggle with problems that have such a grip on us that we feel like we’ll never shake them off, so how do we find freedom?

  • The Test of Prosperity and Blessings

    mannequin through shop window

    When God miraculously heals or blesses a person and then they turn away from him, why did God grant them that answer to their prayers in the first place?

  • The Tool to Avoid a Rebellious Spirit

    woman sitting down looking displeased

    When our hearts harden towards God’s Word, we lose our discernment and ability to hear the Spirit’s voice, so how do we avoid falling into this deafening, deadening trap?

  • The Great and Terrible Command

    man thinking on a darkening street

    God’s order for us to forgive those who harm us can feel unbearable to obey at times, but they are worse consequences if we ignore his commands.

    Gary Leon Ridgway was a truck factory worker and a rigidly religious man, but in 2003, he would become known for something else altogether.

  • The Consolation of the Holy Spirit

    two women sitting together

    Certain events in life can utterly crush us, unless we have the power and solace of the Holy Spirit who can heal terrible wounds in our souls and help us endure unspeakable circumstances.

  • Why Would We Choose Hell?

    Dark hallway

    The Bible says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, so is it possible to go to church and believe that we’re a Christian and still end up going to hell?

  • A Monk’s Advice to a Widow

    man serving food for another

    One of the most persistent searches among humankind is for love, and yet few of us are willing to give that which we so desire.

  • A Song in the Soul’s Dark Night

    man walking alone on a lamp lit rainy night

    People often want to talk about the silver lining of suffering, but how should believers respond when there is no clear ‘benefit’ and God seems silent?