• When Rivers Move Mountains

    We might feel like we have no impact on the world at large or even the people and events around us, but we must never underestimate what God may be doing through us, if we’re following his lead.

  • Go Down to the Valley

    We often talk about and praise mountaintop experiences, but what if we prized walking through the valleys just as much?

  • A Golden Ribbon Day: Talking About Suicide

    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and we wanted to recognize the struggle of many believers who deal with depression and suicidal ideation or have a loved one who does.

  • Dressing Ourselves to Do Battle

    We all want to do our best in conflict or crisis, but what do we do when we fall short or mess up at the critical moment?

  • Does God Care if I’m a Coward?

    While we all may admire people who demonstrate courage, we may find that we fall pretty far short ourselves, but are some people just made to be more courageous than others?

  • Reconciliation Across Great Divides

    If we have been wounded, frightened or affronted by others, how do we obey the Bible’s commands to forgive and build community across these chasms of pain and offense?

  • To Read, Or Not to Read?

    Christians are not always fans of fiction, so should we avoid the fantastical or is there some value to be had in made-up stories?

  • Are All Spiritual Gifts for Everyone?

    Some Christians are claiming that if you don’t have certain spiritual gifts or all of them, something is wrong; but is that mentality biblical?

  • Is There Religious Persecution in the U.S.?

    The question of harassment for religious beliefs balanced against free speech is a tricky one, but the answers are becoming increasingly important.

  • Aiming for but Not Looking at Humility

    A humble person draws others to them, but that’s in part because true humility is so rare, so how do we cultivate it in ourselves?