• The Second Sunday of Advent

    As Christmas quickly approaches, many of us harbor hopes for a better, brighter holiday than ever filled with joy, but how do we hold on to that hope through the holidays and beyond? 

    The holidays seem to herald their approach these days through the Hallmark channel.

  • How Much Work Are Spiritual Gifts

    Discovering the gifts that our heavenly Father has given us are only half the battle; the other part is learning how to use them fully. Are we ready for that?

  • The Rough Work of Dedication

    If we knew that our spiritual walk with Christ was going to be hard and take a long time, would we be quick to take it on or would we avoid God?  

  • The First Sunday of Advent

    Known as the ‘hope of the prophets,’ this first marker of Advent is a reminder that God does not ignore our world’s darkness and that we strain toward a future hope not yet realized.

  • Passing on the Torch

    As leaders of ministries, churches or general communities, do we help and prepare future leaders or try to stop and silence them because they’re different?

  • Thanksgiving With the Knives Out

    Sometimes the worst in our families and ourselves comes out during the holidays, so how do we make this season the beautiful time it’s supposed to be?

  • Choose One of Two Ways

    God gave us free will, but what are we choosing to do with it, and how will the consequences echo throughout our lives into eternity?

  • Life as the Broken Victor

    Admitting our follies and mistakes is already hard, and it becomes even harder when people treat us differently as a result, but what does the Bible say for when we really mess up?

  • That Unlucky Number Thirteen

    Is it unbiblical for Christians to talk about lucky and unlucky situations in life, or are there circumstances where that perspective is okay?

  • We Testify to the Truth

    We are all witnesses to the truth of Christ’s work, or at least we should be; why is it difficult to talk about sometimes (or all the time)?