World Challenge Stories

  • The Divine Healer Is Moving

    World Challenge Staff

    Pastors and church leaders in India are witnessing God’s miraculous works as World Challenge teams help them disciple new believers. 

    Rabhya* was confronting with a terrible possibility in her life. Her husband had been diagnosed with tuberculosis and had become very ill.

  • The God of All Comfort

    World Challenge Staff

    God is consoling the broken hearts of those who have lost loved ones and giving them hope for the future.

    Rana* arrived at a conference held by World Challenge’s partners, and she sat and wept the entire time. Concerned, members of the team approached her and asked her what had happened. Tearfully, Rana explained that her husband had died only eight months earlier.

  • Healing Coming to Bosnia

    World Challenge Staff

    The gospel is bringing change and healing to a war-torn country through people’s hearts, minds and communities. 

    World Challenge’s partner in Bosnia, Marko, has been working for years to help heal the scars caused by the Bosnian War in 1995 and then the Bosnian Spring in 2014.

  • How We Fill Our Hearts

    World Challenge Staff

    Scripture talks about the contents of our hearts and how important it is, so how do we determine what is in this secret place within us and purify it?

    Malcolm Gladwell, in his famous book Talking to Strangers, wrote about the deeply confusing depths and potential evils of the human heart, although he probably would not have termed it in such a way.

  • The Secret Ingredient for Great Missionaries

    World Challenge Staff

    All too often the church has oversimplified the Great Commission and missed out on the most important trait needed to reach the lost and shepherd the church. 

    Dr. Henry Cloud is a psychologist and consultant for corporate leaders who are trying to improve their team dynamics. A new president who was overseeing a merger between two health-care organizations asked Dr. Cloud to sit in on a meeting for the upper-management teams from both companies.

  • The Path Forward

    Morgan Pracht

    World Challenge’s partners in Kenya are helping abandoned kids create a better future. 

    Joshua was very young, probably not yet a teenager, when he was abandoned to live on the streets of Kenya’s capital city. Sadly, that’s not uncommon. It’s estimated that there are as many as 300,000 kids living on the streets in Nairobi and other big cities across the country. Those kids lead difficult lives. Consistent meals are hard to come by, and fights and violence are very common.