Stories from the Field

  • An Honest Assessment of ‘Good’ People

    World Challenge Staff

    Although they obviously never met, Sigmund Freud, agnostic and slightly demented psychologist, agreed on one point with the eminent theologian John Wesley: people are terrible.

    Freud made an admirable, life-long habit of responding personally in letters to anyone who wrote him, even if they were not a fan. Pastor Oskar Pfister was a friend of Freud’s, but he also qualified as a critic. While he agreed with some of Freud’s psychoanalytic philosophies, others disturbed him.

  • Blood Given in Love

    World Challenge Staff

    The church in eSwatini rallied to save a girl’s life and then continued to meet a grave need in their nation. 

    Timothy Myeni, the Nkilongo Member of eSwatini’s parliament, bluntly stated to their prime minister on March 31st, “We are living in fear, violence is escalating in this country and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

  • Celebrating the Lord’s Goodness

    World Challenge Staff

    God is blessing our partner in India despite hardships, and they are raising their hands in praise for the lives that he is mending and stitching together. 

    We celebrated with one of our partners in India when he got married at the very beginning of last year. His wife is lovely and a little shy, and they are very happy together.

  • Women in a Garden of Life

    World Challenge Staff

    God is using a Bible school and widows to bring healing, new businesses and renewed life to communities in Uganda. 

    “Due to years of war and disease, the number of widows and fatherless children in Northern Uganda is extremely high,” the ministry team at Terebinth shared.

  • The Divine Healer Is Moving

    World Challenge Staff

    Pastors and church leaders in India are witnessing God’s miraculous works as World Challenge teams help them disciple new believers. 

    Rabhya* was confronting with a terrible possibility in her life. Her husband had been diagnosed with tuberculosis and had become very ill.

  • The God of All Comfort

    World Challenge Staff

    God is consoling the broken hearts of those who have lost loved ones and giving them hope for the future.

    Rana* arrived at a conference held by World Challenge’s partners, and she sat and wept the entire time. Concerned, members of the team approached her and asked her what had happened. Tearfully, Rana explained that her husband had died only eight months earlier.

  • Healing Coming to Bosnia

    World Challenge Staff

    The gospel is bringing change and healing to a war-torn country through people’s hearts, minds and communities. 

    World Challenge’s partner in Bosnia, Marko, has been working for years to help heal the scars caused by the Bosnian War in 1995 and then the Bosnian Spring in 2014.