How to Pray for the Nubians

World Challenge Staff

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools when we’re starting work to bring the gospel to unreached people, so please join us in lifting up our Egyptian partners and the Nubian people.

1.    Pray for the different churches who are trying to reach out to the Nubian communities. In some areas, the government has refused to give them the permits that they would need to work in Muslim neighborhoods. Ask God to soften these government officials’ hearts so they will allow the church teams to enter these communities.

Also, pray for finances for church groups to travel to the Nubian villages. Reliable vehicles are important because these towns can be as far as 12-18 miles (20-30km) away over rough roads. In the summer, temperatures often reach as much as 122°F (50°C); having transportation with air conditioning is so important to keep people from getting heat stroke. 

Finally, pray that believers in these churches will be given a spiritual burden for the Nubian people. May God ignite their hearts with a passion to see Nubians come to Christ and experience new life in God!


2.    The gospel has unique power when we hear it in our own language. Most Nubians either have only been taught to read Arabic or are unable to read at all. Teams are working to create audio Bibles in the Nubian language. This translation work is incredibly complicated as the translators try to most accurately capture what the Greek and Hebrew expressed. Pray for them to be Spirit-inspired as they work so that the Word can be put into Nubian in a way that most honors God.  

In addition to these audio Bibles, another team is working to translate the Jesus film into Nubian. This film has been one of the most effective evangelism tools worldwide since it’s release in 1979. Biaankhi, the Nubian man whose testimony we shared last week, is one of the voice actors in the movie. Ask that God would bless this work and reach many Nubians through the Jesus film!


3.    Recently 25 Sudanese pastors and church leaders met with our partners to learn more about how churches in Egypt are mobilizing to reach the Nubians. Historically, when nonprofit organizations come into an area and preach the gospel, the people who come to Christ from that outreach aren’t well accepted into local churches. The churches often feel like these converts are not their responsibility. Our partner in Egypt is working to overcome this mentality by inviting local churches into the evangelism work. This makes discipleship training and growth more sustainable, and the approach has interested Sudanese leaders.


As we approach the end of November and Giving Tuesday, consider giving your heart and prayers to this incredible missions work. Join our partner in praying for the work of reaching the Nubians with the gospel to spread across Egypt and into Sudan!