Cultivating a Heart for the Nations

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe discuss practical ways for Christians to cultivate a heart for the nations and get involved in missions to the unreached.

Opening Our Eyes to the Unreached

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe discuss the uneven distribution of missions resources, the contrast between lostness with and without gospel access, and the surprising growth of Iran's underground church.

The Staggering Reality of the Unreached

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe discuss the challenges of reaching the vast number of unreached people groups with the gospel and the need for Christians to have a global faith.

Reaching the Truly Lost

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe delve into the profound challenges and urgent necessity of global missions, focusing on the regions most remote from the gospel's reach.

A Miraculous Healing of the Beloved

World Challenge Staff

Amid the many struggles Christians face in Central Asia, a story of courage and unwavering faith shines a light on Jesus’s powerful love.

Despite the challenges and dangers of being a devout Christian in Central Asia, Zarina* led a life dedicated to her family, church and students. A woman of steadfast faith, she was beloved in the community. Suddenly, however, her life changed when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

How Do We Lead Leaders?

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Mark Renfroe to discuss how it is critical for ministry success to develop as leaders who build up more leaders.