How Do We Lead Leaders?

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Mark Renfroe to discuss how it is critical for ministry success to develop as leaders who build up more leaders.

Ministering Around the World

John and Mark explore how great spiritual vitality often comes through great difficulties and how the Holy Spirit meets God's people in their trials, lighting a fire in their souls.

An Unbelieving Preacher Converted

World Challenge Staff

God used a Bible study run by World Challenge’s partners in Liberia to reach the most unlikely of men: a preacher who did not know Christ. 

Sabarto was a preacher in his church and a staunch observer of all religious traditions. Despite this, he knew very little about the Bible and what it actually said about God.

The Father who Adopts Orphans

World Challenge Staff

One woman’s tragic loss has been met by the heavenly Father who provides and yet also meets us in our grief.

“Malawi continues to face a severe epidemic,” USAID noted, “There are an estimated 1.1 million Malawians living with HIV and over 771,000 orphaned children, many due to AIDS.” While medical measures have increasingly helped stem the spread of HIV and better the lives of those already living with it, countless families have already been severely impacted by the disease.