Reaching the Refugees in Africa

One of many refugee camps on the outskirts of Nairobi has nearly 1,500 Somali families stranded far from home.

God has a plan for these families, though, as desperate as their lives may look at the moment. World Challenge partners are working to reach these people who are almost entirely Muslim.   

The only churches in Somaliland are underground and persecuted by the government. Most Somali people have never heard the gospel, but the tragedy of fleeing their homeland has opened doors for many of them to hear about Christ for the first time.    

One member of the World Challenge team is a doctor-in-training, and her medical experience has been welcomed in the refugee camp where they have extremely limited access to hospitals, doctors and medicine. Although this partner has just recently started work in the camp, she has already seen one person commit their life to Christ. She has been reading the Bible and discussing it with this new believer, walking alongside them through the opening stages of their faith.   

Another member of the team is a teacher and passionate about not only sharing God’s Word with the Somali refugees but also helping their children continue their education. His care for the children has created opportunities to discuss God and other spiritual topics with their parents.  One of our partners shared with us, “Time and relationships are the paramount factors in working among the Somalis.”   

Several other members of the team feel called to travel to Somaliland and try to share the gospel there as well. Please join us in praying for them as they continue to work with Somali refugees and also seek entry into the country of Somaliland. The work there is dangerous, and some missionaries have been executed. However, the call they feel from the Lord is too powerful to disregard. Their hearts weep for those who are still lost in spiritual darkness.