To the Ends of the Earth

In one corner of Ghana, our partners reached a Muslim tribe who had not heard the gospel before.

World Challenge’s partners in Ghana knew of a nearby tribe, called the Fulani, who were almost exclusively Muslim. This tribe has a rich cultural heritage and a nomadic lifestyle that takes them through many remote, rural areas. Several leaders on the team had a heart for this tribe, so they began researching the tribe’s customs and values to best speak to their needs.

The Fulani are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, dispersed across 20 countries. They are known for their expertise in raising cattle and their distinctive cattle-herding culture. Many traditional Fulani have embraced Islam and place particular value on protecting their families and communities.

One crucial aspect of reaching the Fulani is ensuring that the gospel is presented in a way that aligns with their culture and mindset. The team pored over what they were learning and worked to incorporate traditional Fulani storytelling techniques and illustrations into biblical truths.

Next, gaining the trust of the Fulani communities was invaluable. The church team invested many hours in meeting with Fulani leaders, elders and community members. They wanted to open doors for the gospel by answering as many questions as possible and addressing misconceptions about Christianity.

Finally, the day arrived for their gospel presentation to the village. That evening, 152 adults gathered with children milling in and out of the crowd. After they shared the gospel and how this transforms a person’s heart and life, they asked who would dedicate their life to Christ. Nearly every hand went up! Joy broke out among both our team and the new believers.

When Christ’s followers boldly deliver the gospel “to the ends of the earth,” the Lord moves powerfully (Acts 1:8, NIV). As God opens doors for ministry, your support helps us share the gospel with people who have never heard it before, like the Fulani.