The Savior and Great Physician

Chantha and his wife had four children on their small family farm in rural Cambodia. 

He was the breadwinner for his loved ones, so it was deeply alarming when his left leg began to go numb. The numbness began to spread until he was forced to give up his work.

His wife and he spent as much money as they could for medical treatments from doctors. When that failed, they turned to traditional cures from the local herbalist. That didn’t help Chantha’s condition either. In desperation, he turned to fortune tellers and shamans in their village, but his left leg continued to get worse.

As his health deteriorated, Chantha’s wife was working hard to support him and their kids, but there were many times that they weren’t able to afford new clothes for the children or even put food on the table. Chantha’s feeling of guilt deepened as he watched his family struggle and suffer.

The first time he and his family met World Challenge’s partner, Chantha heard the gospel message and was curious. He allowed this “Christian” man to pray for him and his wife. What could it hurt? Nothing dramatically changed, but the fact that this man and other believers didn’t avoid him and his family was its own kind of healing.

Chantha became more involved, listening with great interest to the lessons. The God they spoke of had designed the world, the earth and animals to work in certain ways, and he cared about people like Chantha who worked the land and cared for its creatures.

A few months went by, and Chantha decided to dedicate his life to Christ, his God and Savior. His leg was then miraculously healed, and he could suddenly walk again. Rejoicing, he wrote to us, “I am learning the Word of God, and I love God forever.” Because of your prayers and support, World Challenge can continue to minister to people like Chantha, sharing the good news of Christ.