unreached people

Cultivating a Heart for the Nations

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe discuss practical ways for Christians to cultivate a heart for the nations and get involved in missions to the unreached.

Opening Our Eyes to the Unreached

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe discuss the uneven distribution of missions resources, the contrast between lostness with and without gospel access, and the surprising growth of Iran's underground church.

The Staggering Reality of the Unreached

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe discuss the challenges of reaching the vast number of unreached people groups with the gospel and the need for Christians to have a global faith.

Reaching the Truly Lost

Gary Wilkerson and Mark Renfroe delve into the profound challenges and urgent necessity of global missions, focusing on the regions most remote from the gospel's reach.

Ministering Around the World

John and Mark explore how great spiritual vitality often comes through great difficulties and how the Holy Spirit meets God's people in their trials, lighting a fire in their souls.

God’s Heart for the Unreached

This week, John Bailey and Mark Renfroe talk about the responsibility that believers have to share the gospel with those who haven’t heard it.

Christ’s Healing Hands

World Challenge Staff

Before she came to know Jesus, Grandma Fon was believed to be disturbed by a malicious ghost.

She was very sick and went to treatment everywhere she could, but she wasn’t recovering. Each treatment or doctor seemed to have no affect on her sickness. That was why neighbors and friends said it must be an angry spirit.

Good News for the Whole World

World Challenge Staff

Jesus told his disciples that the harvest is ready but the workers are few, and World Challenge is working to equip more believers for that harvest. 

People who have never heard the gospel and often don’t even know anyone who is a Christian belong to ‘unreached people groups’ and are often called ‘frontier people.’ Many live in countries where the culture or government is hostile to Christianity.