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  • Feeling Like You’re Falling Behind

    In this week’s podcast, Gary Wilkerson digs down to the root of our expectations for ourselves and our Christian walk that often cause us to despair as we compare ourselves to other believers.

  • Avoiding ‘Spiritual’ Comparison

    • Basic physical health can affect spiritual and emotional wellness
    • How building Christian relationships keeps our spirits balanced
    • The damaging habit of comparing ourselves to others
  • Fighting Hopelessness in Our Walk with God

    Pastor and president of World Challenge, Gary Wilkerson, paints a brighter and more biblical picture of God’s favor in this opening podcast. Here the discussion ranges from strategies the enemy uses to distract us from God’s goodness all the way to how exactly God wants our lives to show His unearned grace to a hurting, unbelieving world. The following are a couple points he touches upon:

    • Comfort and self-interest as our drug of choice
    • What it means to get the “Holy Ghost miserables”
    • Finding contentment in who God has made us to be

    This warm and personal conversation explores the issues God has laid on Gary’s heart for those who are struggling with the idea of God’s favor in their lives. Only an active pursuit of God’s presence and guidance will grant each of his children the peace to stand unmoved in the midst of life’s storms.