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  • A Pastor's Struggle with Pornography and Prostitutes

    A pornography addiction can feel like a hopeless trap. When we pray and pray for it to go away, we can get stuck in a cycle of despair when the addiction remains. This week, visiting speaker Nate Larkin talks about his own sexual addictions and how he eventually found freedom.

  • Faith & Finances - Practical Advice Is Not Enough

    The United States is often called the richest country in the world. Often, as believers, we feel guilty about the money or nice things we own. Should we, though? Money is a resource that God chooses to give to us, as well as a blessing. If that’s the case, should we feel guilty about owning a nice house or car? Today Jim Palumbo and Gary Wilkerson discuss the answers and how we can have wisdom with our money.

  • Pastor, You Don't Have to Hide Your Hurts

    In the wake of Jarrid Wilson’s death, it is more important than ever to be aware of mental illness and spiritual attack, particularly for pastors. In response, Gary Wilkerson discusses the unique nature of depression for church leaders. He also opens up about how people in the church can help their pastors.

  • Is a Lack of Self-Worth at the Root of Your Anxiety?

    Those in the church seem to suffer from anxiety every bit as much as those outside it. God’s work of salvation would seem to free us from fear and stress, but instead it often seems to do the exact opposite. This week, Gary explores the deeper reasons many believers struggle with anxiety, despite our faith.

  • Shame: a Blessing and a Curse

    What is shame? Is it that one thing we deliberately push away every time we think about it? If others knew about that one thing, are we absolutely certain they’d look at us differently? Why do we feel this way? How do we find freedom? This week, Gary Wilkerson talks about the answers to these questions and more.

  • Taking an Axe to the Root of Pornography Addiction

    Many of us deal with bad habits. Some are easy to talk about. We joke about how we need to cut out those “comfort foods” or watch less television. Other obsessions feel deeply private and difficult to discuss, especially in church. Every addiction is planted in a deeper heart problem. Too often, the church has addressed sexual addictions by simply telling us to “stop” without digging deeper to the root of the issue. Today, Gary explores some of the fears and heart wounds that can lead to pornography addiction.

  • Faith and Fitness: Don't Do Either Alone

    Our physical fitness and spiritual life affect one another in surprising ways. Unfortunately, this relationship has often been ignored or misrepresented in the church. This week Eric Cartier, Senior Pastor of Rocky Mountain Calvary, joins Gary Wilkerson to look at the gracious and good connection God has made between our bodies and our souls.

  • Cornerstones for Success in Life and Finances

    Money is sometimes seen as a taboo or touchy subject, but it affects nearly every aspect of our lives. It can open new opportunities or allow us to pass on blessings to our children and others. It can also bring out struggles faster than almost anything else. Investment Advisor and ministry worker Jim Palumbo joins us this week to discuss money and the spiritual impact it can have.

  • How to Turn Your Anxiety Into Healing

    Many of us have struggles that we aren’t comfortable sharing with others. These secret sins seem so taboo that if we told anyone, they might stop speaking to us. Often these deep soul wounds manifest as anxiety or anger or other sins that affect our relationships with friends, family and community. So how do we get to the root of these issues? How do we find healing from these sins that constantly seem to trip us up?

  • Caring For Yourself Will Help You Love Others Better

    On Instagram, the hashtag “loveyourself” has been used around 42 million times. In modern culture, however, this idea is usually attached to a ‘me’ mentality. But is there such a thing as biblical self-love? Can Christians unselfishly practice self-care? Yes! Learning to love ourselves in a biblical, God-centered way is the best thing we can do for our relationships. Once we care for ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, then we are better able to love others in a godly way.