• In a Fight for Our Lives

    Two men kickboxing

    Guilt, depression, anxiety and all sorts of spiritual accusations can suddenly catch us by surprise, so how do we combat those moments with the truths we have in Christ. 

  • Who Are You…Really?

    Young man looking toward the sunset

    A godly identity should have integrity so that we are the same no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, but so often hard words or bad behavior bubbles up, and we wonder why?

  • Our Stranglehold on Life

    Monochromatic image of man walking up stairs

    Trying to control our circumstances is so tempting because we are called to steward our lives, but only God truly has control, and our sin nature wants to ignore that fact.

  • Risking It All for God’s Call

    Man raising his hands in worship

    How do we become people of God who boldly live for the gospel and have real impact on the world around us?

  • What Sparks a Passion for Christ?

    Woman looking away in the sunset

    If we truly believe in the promise and freedom of the New Covenant, we will find a fiery passion for God’s presence and work growing inside of us. 

  • How Do We Make God Marvel?

    Man stares up at the sky

  • A Letter from the Shadow of the Gallows

    Holding hands in prayer on Bibles

    What would revival look like if it were actually going to change the face of our nation and, more importantly, the church in America?

  • Stitching Up the Wounds

    Man weeping and covering face

    How do we stir up a radical passion for God’s will and people in the world? Suffering and how we respond to it could be our answer.

  • Does God Learn New Things?

    Mountains covered in fog

    The Bible seems like it goes back and forth about whether or not God ever changes his mind about things. How do we make sense of this?

  • The Two Sides of a Gift

    Person opening a gift

    Spiritual gifts cause an unusual amount of tension in the church, whether it’s people clamoring for their talents to be recognized or those who are fearful of their misuse.