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When We Are One of the Unnamed

Rachel Chimits
January 15, 2020

Defining what is service to God can be difficult, especially when we’re not in a quintessential Christian position or relatively unknown, so what counts in God’s eyes?

The deacon Philip was what we might consider a very, very “good” Christian. He preached in Samaria, exorcised evil spirits, then evangelized to the Ethiopian eunuch and was teleported off by the Holy Spirit.

The Heavy Cost of Saying, “Yes”

Rachel Chimits
January 13, 2020

Despite being one of the smallest answers or action we can give others, agreeing to engage with people is often costly, so how many of us say, “Yes”?

In Foshan, China, two-year-old Wang Yue wandered into an alley-market behind her family’s house while her parents were working. She toddled forward, looking around curiously.

Feeling All Your Little Broken Pieces

Rachel Chimits
January 10, 2020

Nothing is worse than feeling helpless in the face of danger, but what if God had a very specific plan for us in the moments when we’re powerless.

One cold evening, my friend and I walked out of the theater, laughing about some scene in Thor: Ragnarok and then paused at the sight of blue and red flashing lights down the street.

“Wonder what all the police are doing, blocking the road,” my friend said.

Not Knowing What the Future Holds

Rachel Chimits
January 8, 2020

As we make plans for the future, how do we react to unexpected developments, danger and anything that threatens us?

Accomplished high school athlete, Joni Eareckson Tada knew what her future held. At least, she thought she did until she dove into the Chesapeake Bay, hit her head on the sandy bottom and suddenly couldn’t move her hands or legs.

Joni had just become a quadriplegic.

Who Is Calling Your Name?

Rachel Chimits
January 6, 2020

When we make major decisions, we want to know we have God’s approval, but figuring out if we’re hearing his voice or our own desires can be challenging.

Pastor Jim Cymbala explained an important point in knowing God’s direction, “I know some people don’t believe we can still hear God’s voice. ‘He has already said what he is going to say in the Bible.’

Rage Against the Machine…Or Not

Rachel Chimits
January 3, 2020

Our God calls us to submit to those in power over us, but when is it okay to rebel against authority?

In his book A View from the Zoo, Gary Richmond reminisced about how the most difficult aspect of his job as a zookeeper was often the people at the zoo, not the animals. He told the story of an elderly visitor who, in his words, “created more bedlam than any single visitor in the zoo’s history.”