South Asia

Daring to Commit to Christ

World Challenge Staff

In many parts of Asia, inviting someone to know Jesus is invited them to be persecuted…and yet the eternal promise of Christ is worth everything. 

A woman stands up in church, her black hajib masking her face except a slender gap for her dark eyes. She quietly walks to the front, mounts the stairs and takes the offered Bible.

A Song in the Silence

World Challenge Staff

No matter how great the obstacles, God continues to call his own out of the darkness into the light of new life.

A few nations in Southeast Asia have had some of the world’s strictest Coronavirus lockdowns, which has made ministry very difficult for the past two years; but as we’ve seen worldwide, God has in no way been limited by the lockdowns or other restrictions.

A Prayer for Divine Healing

Steve Otradovec

God is moving miraculously in the churches of Southeast Asia as a testament to his glory as many people come to faith in him.

New believers are finding physical freedom through faith. One pastor, who is a World Challenge partner in Southeast Asia, shared that he and his church have witnessed incredible miracles during home visits. One involved a woman named Miss Toon who is 50 years old.

Gently Opening Locked Doors

World Challenge Staff

In parts of Asia where Christians are not typically welcomed, World Challenge partners are building relationships and sharing the good news.

Yasira* is a respected Islamic woman and leader in a closed Southeast Asian country. In 2018, our team met her through a livelihood program for raising goats and developed a strong friendship with her. 

A Good Samaritan in the Mountains

World Challenge Staff

Believers in South Asia are working to be a sweet aroma among their neighbors but most of all to their Father in heaven.

Pastor Shalva* in South Asia was recently introduced to Community Health Evangelism through our World Challenge partner. He became very interested in the concepts of reaching the whole person for Christ and started implementing this into his own ministry. 

Wisdom With Bangladeshi Money

Rachel Chimits

World Challenge partners in South Asia are using financial classes to help introduce people to the gospel.

“Money is a big deal in the Bible,” points out Chris Cagle, financial coach and writer for The Gospel Coalition. “We’re given more instruction in the Bible about money (more than 2,000 verses) than almost anything else.