The Call to Christ in Closed Nations

World Challenge Staff

The gospel is reaching lost souls, and the church is growing in some of the most hostile environments in the world thanks to God’s faithfulness.

World Challenge’s partners in South Asia are seeing much fruit with community health evangelism ministries in towns that are normally closed to the gospel.

The church leaders have shared that the ministry has answered a need for them because they were unable to take the gospel openly into other communities. There are now 16 churches and communities working with our partners’ ministry in a normally very restricted area. They have supported education for small children with school supplies and helped impoverished families who were affected by COVID-19 with food packages.

The churches in the region have seen increased gospel opportunities to the communities due to their good work and increased rapport with people, local leaders and even government officials.

A Bridge of Relationship

One of the church leaders in that area shared, “CHE ministry has given us a new way to go and love our neighbor. We do not go empty-handed to pray for the sick. We go with an apple to meet them…. We learned to coordinate with government and NGOs to increase the resources for our communities.”

One tiny village they visited had only 10 families living in it. The team offered to do a sanitation program and helped the villagers dig a borehole for pure drinking water. This act of service changed the locals’ attitude toward these ‘outsiders,’ and six members of the village came to Jesus after hearing the good news. This good work resulted in many people taking interest in the team and the God they served. One villager even told the team," You people came from another place to us and did these things for us. Now we have realized our duty. We will help you in every work."

Churches and communities are building a bridge of relationship between each other in order to share, care and serve each other.

The Testimony of Love

The response of the church through these ministries has led people feel the love and care from CHE groups and churches. Some of them have opened their heart to the gospel. Many church leaders have shared, “New people are coming to church. They have been connected through CHE Groups and our emergency response. We have been able to take care of the needs of poor families, which has been appreciated by the community.”

One local government official even told the team, “CHE is very good. These groups have served people in need during this pandemic time when others were afraid and remained at home.”

During the pandemic, most businesses and schools were closed due to the lockdown, but the church continued serving people. COVID prevention lessons were held; food was delivered to those in need; school lessons were offered for children so they wouldn’t fall behind in their studies. Because of this work, the team in one area saw 16 more souls come to Christ.