relationship with God

Conviction in an Age of Compromise

So many organizations and people seem two-faced. They say they believe in one thing, but their actions say otherwise. It can be incredibly discouraging to witness and make people feel as if they can’t trust others. Christians, more than anyone else, should be people of conviction who boldly stand for the truth and don’t waver. In this episode, Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss what a life of conviction looks like and how we become someone firmly rooted in our beliefs.

Peaceful in an Anxious Generation

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss what biblical peace looks like, where it comes from and how Christians can spread it around themselves wherever they go.

Risking It All for God’s Call

John Bailey

How do we become people of God who boldly live for the gospel and have real impact on the world around us?

I would say I’m a pretty adventurous guy. The second time I went skiing was in Colorado, and I was with a friend who’s a black diamond skier. He turned to me and said, “Hey, let’s tree ski.” I shrugged. “Sure!”

Let’s just say I’m lucky to be alive today.

The Great and Terrible Command

World Challenge Staff

God’s order for us to forgive those who harm us can feel unbearable to obey at times, but they are worse consequences if we ignore his commands.

Gary Leon Ridgway was a truck factory worker and a rigidly religious man, but in 2003, he would become known for something else altogether.