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1/1000th of your day is 86 seconds.

If you invite God into even a fraction of your day, you could be transformed. 

If you’re interested in quick encouragements, then you will enjoy our 86 Seconds videos. Each one is a mini-devotional from Gary Wilkerson as he points out simple but profound truths in scripture that can change the way we approach each day. These reminders of the Word’s power will help you live as salt and light to the world.

Start giving 86 seconds of undivided attention to Jesus today. 

86 Seconds

Attributes of God - Overview

Mysteries, supremacies and wonders all make up God’s many and marvelous attributes. This week on 86 seconds, Gary Wilkerson looks at these realities that reveal truth in a time of doubt. 

Living Righteously in Dark Times

The news is very depressing these days. But that’s nothing new. Believers today need to be like those throughout time, living by faith.

The Righteous Live by Faith

Are these days making you fearful? Don’t be surprised and don’t be alarmed because we have the power of God at our disposal.

Rooted and Grounded in the Truth of the Trinity

Pandemic, social upheaval, lockdowns; are these difficult days foretold in the Bible? They are and John reminds us that the Holy Spirit is available to all believers when dark days come.

How to Recognize the Antichrist Spirit

1 John 2 warns of an antichrist spirit and how believers can identify it in a person. What this spirit represents is anything contrary to Jesus and you will find it in false teachers and movements of today. Everything you need to know in order to sift through these spirits abides in the Word of God. The more time we spend in it, the more knowledge we will have to discern.

Stay Strong in These Last Days

Many are alarmed and taken aback at the climate of our culture but we should not be surprised at the break down we see as Scripture has warned us. We must stand firm and be faithful in these last days.

Modern Christian Authors Worth Reading

There are men and women of God today writing books that go beyond pop-psychology and motivation to go deep into the things of God. Gary Wilkerson recommends modern day authors Sanders, Sanlon, and Barrett.