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1/1000th of your day is 86 seconds.

If you invite God into even a fraction of your day, you could be transformed. 

If you’re interested in quick encouragements, then you will enjoy our 86 Seconds videos. Each one is a mini-devotional from Gary Wilkerson as he points out simple but profound truths in scripture that can change the way we approach each day. These reminders of the Word’s power will help you live as salt and light to the world.

Start giving 86 seconds of undivided attention to Jesus today. 

86 Seconds

The Instantaneous Power of God

The New Testament describes moments where there was powerful, immediate change through the power of the Holy Spirit. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson talks about what this kind of transformation looks like today.

Boldly Preaching the Word of God

There's no space to be fearful when it comes to preaching God's Word. In this weekly devotion series, Gary Wilkerson offers quick encouragements in 86 Seconds--1/1000th of your day. This week, he encourages Christians to be bold in sharing God's Word.

Grieving & Quenching the Holy Spirit

Scripture specifically warns Christians against grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson breaks down what each of these terms means and examines how Christians can lear to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Restoring Your Passion for Christ

Anyone can experience times when they feel distant from Christ. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson explains how God can restore our passion for sharing the gospel.

How to Receive the Baptism of Love

It is very easy to overlook the people we pass by every day in restaurants, grocery stores, check-out lines and waiting rooms. In God’s view, every one of those people is important. In this short devotional, Gary Wilkerson talks about what it looks like to show the love of Christ to all the people in our lives.

Fruit of the Baptism of Love

To share the love of God with other people, Christians need the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ instruction to share the gospel is more than a command—it’s an anointing. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson examines what can happen when Christians adopt a new perspective on sharing God’s love.

The Baptism of Love

So many of the people that we pass by every day need to hear the gospel. If Christians could only understand this need, our everyday interactions would be drastically changed. In this short devotional, Gary talks obligatory good works compared to the love that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Setting God-Centered Resolutions

Pretty much everyone has had some New Year’s resolutions fall flat. The start of 2022 is a great time to rethink the the way we set goals each January. In this short devotional, Gary Wilkerson looks at how we can use this new year to set God-centered resolutions.

Take Time to Reflect With God

The past few years have been unusual to say the least. Regardless of what recent months have looked like, the end of the year provides an opportunity to reflect on what God may have for us in the future. However you're marking the start of 2022, we hope you have a wonderful New Year's day.

Merry Christmas

As you know, the meaning of the Christmas season goes well beyond presents and traditions. It is a celebration of Christ's victory in the cosmic battle against the powers of darkness.

From the Wilkerson family and everyone at World Challenge, merry Christmas!