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1/1000th of your day is 86 seconds.

If you invite God into even a fraction of your day, you could be transformed. 

If you’re interested in quick encouragements, then you will enjoy our 86 Seconds videos. Each one is a mini-devotional from Gary Wilkerson as he points out simple but profound truths in scripture that can change the way we approach each day. These reminders of the Word’s power will help you live as salt and light to the world.

Start giving 86 seconds of undivided attention to Jesus today. 

86 Seconds

Protected and Restored

Adam and Eve’s removal from the Garden of Eden, which seemed like a terrible punishment, was actually the kindest thing that God could have done. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson talks about how we don’t always recognize God’s blessings in our lives.

The Power of Asking Questions

Questions have the unique ability to start deep, thoughtful conversations. That is an important skill for pastors to have in their ministry. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson looks at the questions that God asked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The Curse of Gender Confusion

God’s design for gender traces all the way back to Genesis. This week, Gary Wilkerson wraps up his series of short devotions on the impact of confusion surrounding gender.

God Created Them Male and Female

Gender has become a contentious issue in our culture precisely because of how important it is. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson talks about how God’s creation is intended to display his glory.

How Many Genders Are There?

Everything that God created is intended to reflect his character and display his glory. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson explains the damage that is done when society turns away from gender as God created it.

Binding up the Brokenhearted

We cannot free ourselves from the lies that we begin to believe. Only God can free us from the accusations that Satan levels against us. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson talks about what Jesus meant when he referred to binding up the brokenhearted.

Accusations Can Lead To Idolatry

When we allow ourselves to believe that we are insufficient, it’s easy for our attention to turn away from God and toward the things of the world. In this devotion, Gary Wilkerson explains why it is so important for us to break free from the accusations of the enemy.

Let No One Disqualify You

In the book of Colossians, Paul gives three simple warnings: let no one take you captive, let no one pass judgment on you, and let no one disqualify you. In this short devotion, Gary Wilkerson offers advice to equip believers for a central part of spiritual warfare.

Let No One Pass Judgment on You

One of the ways that Satan tries to wear believers down is by passing judgment. In this devotion, Gary Wilkerson reminds us that we do not have to agree with or listen to statements that go against God’s character.

Let No One Take You Captive

In the Book of Colossians, Paul warns the church to “see to it that no one takes you captive.” In this devotion, Gary Wilkerson explains what it means to be taken captive by the enemy and how Christians can prevent it.