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1/1000th of your day is 86 seconds.

If you invite God into even a fraction of your day, you could be transformed. 

If you’re interested in quick encouragements, then you will enjoy our 86 Seconds videos. Each one is a mini-devotional from Gary Wilkerson as he points out simple but profound truths in scripture that can change the way we approach each day. These reminders of the Word’s power will help you live as salt and light to the world.

Start giving 86 seconds of undivided attention to Jesus today. 

86 Seconds

Ask and You Shall Receive

What is the single most important change a Christian can make to the way that they pray? It is a simple belief that God listens and is willing to answer. As absurd as it may sound, it is common for Christians to avoid prayer because they don’t really believe that God will answer. In this video, Gary Wilkerson addresses this simple but profound change in mindset.

When We Seek Him

What brings about spiritual awakening? Real change in the church doesn’t come from smoke machines and entertainment value. It starts with people who are willing to spend time in prayer as they seek Christ.

People of Prayer

Whether they are praying together in churches or spending time alone with God, Christians need to pray for revival and spiritual awakening.

We Need a Spiritual Awakening

Through history, there have been several spiritual awakenings that fundamentally changed churches and nations. As our own culture experiences moral deterioration, Christians need to pray that Jesus will once again be the center of the church. That is the kind of spiritual awakening that can pour out to the nation.

Our Only Hope

As society follows a path of moral degradation, Jesus is the only true hope. It is only through Christ that churches can come alive and Christians can be emboldened to stand up for truth. Every believer needs to pray that this kind of spiritual awakening will happen in our generation.

God's Holy Remnant

In the book of Isaiah, God spoke of “a tenth”—a holy remnant of people who would remain faithful to God. Today, even through perilous times, there will be a remnant of God’s followers. Gary Wilkerson encourages Christians to remain steadfast as part of this group of faithful believers.

A People of Light in Darkness

In the book of Isaiah, God sent a messenger to an unhearing culture. Even in a world that won't listen, Christians need to speak out. God can do great things in difficult times.

Is There Any Hope for America?

As American society slips away from its moral grounding, we may be tempted to give up hope. Christians can take heart because God’s word still stands.

Attributes of God - Faithfulness

God’s faithfulness is constant and unchanging. Even when we struggle to understand our circumstances, God’s faithfulness endures. God is true to his promises, so we have every reason to trust in him.

Attributes of God - Holiness

In ancient Hebrew, anything that was listed three times was meant to be taken seriously. Scripture describes God through many of his attributes, but holiness is the only one that is listed three times. God is pure, clean and totally separate from the things of the world. He is holy, holy, holy.