Evangelism & Discipleship

An Unbelieving Preacher Converted

World Challenge Staff

God used a Bible study run by World Challenge’s partners in Liberia to reach the most unlikely of men: a preacher who did not know Christ. 

Sabarto was a preacher in his church and a staunch observer of all religious traditions. Despite this, he knew very little about the Bible and what it actually said about God.

Daring to Commit to Christ

World Challenge Staff

In many parts of Asia, inviting someone to know Jesus is invited them to be persecuted…and yet the eternal promise of Christ is worth everything. 

A woman stands up in church, her black hajib masking her face except a slender gap for her dark eyes. She quietly walks to the front, mounts the stairs and takes the offered Bible.

Christ’s Healing Hands

World Challenge Staff

Before she came to know Jesus, Grandma Fon was believed to be disturbed by a malicious ghost.

She was very sick and went to treatment everywhere she could, but she wasn’t recovering. Each treatment or doctor seemed to have no affect on her sickness. That was why neighbors and friends said it must be an angry spirit.

Good News for the Whole World

World Challenge Staff

Jesus told his disciples that the harvest is ready but the workers are few, and World Challenge is working to equip more believers for that harvest. 

People who have never heard the gospel and often don’t even know anyone who is a Christian belong to ‘unreached people groups’ and are often called ‘frontier people.’ Many live in countries where the culture or government is hostile to Christianity.