• Training Pastors in Kenya

    Church leaders in sub-Saharan Africa are hungry to know more about God’s Word and how to help their communities.

    The words “Bible school” may invoke images of college-like campuses, solemn meetings between scholars and chapel prayer times.

  • The Importance of Rejection

    What if God is calling us to make the most out of the pain in life’s most common experience?

  • Arrested in the Church: Part 3

    At long last, one World Challenge partner finds freedom and inspiration to help others and build a new life.

    Abdi’s case to become an UN-recognized asylee would take nearly three years, including two years of a Homeland Security screening process.

  • Arrested in the Church: Part 2

    Finally free from Kenyan jail, one World Challenge partner is still faced with overwhelming prejudice and the grindingly slow refugee process.

  • Arrested in the Church: Part 1

    One Somali man had an incredible journey from being an agnostic refugee to being redeemed by Christ and becoming a World Challenge partner.

  • How to Make Our Faith Grow

    We can be told to “just have more faith” or even pray for more faith, but there are also specific steps we can take to help strengthen our faith.

    “Faith is on the rise,” reports The Guardian magazine, “and 84% of the global population identifies with a religious group.”

  • A Prayer for Ukraine

    Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz offered a conference to refresh pastors in Ukraine and over 10,000 church leaders arrived to hear them.

  • Running the Good Race

    Pastors around the world need encouragement, refreshment and prayer from their fellow believers.

    Recently, Gary Wilkerson, Kelly Wilkerson, Nicky Cruz and Carter Conlon were invited along with other pastors and leaders to speak at a pastors’ conference in Kenya. 

  • Stranger in a Strange Land

    Part of World Challenge’s domestic mission work is reaching refugees making their home in the United States.

  • Caring for the Homeless in Lithuania

    One woman is working hard to make sure that those often neglected by her hometown have somewhere safe to go.