• Finding the God of Truth and Grace

    Now one of MOG’s leaders and World Challenge’s potential partners, one young lady looks back on how God made himself real to her.

  • A Question of Forgiveness

    "Are there any circumstances, do you feel, where one can be a good Christian and yet not forgive?" —Queen Elizabeth II to Billy Graham, The Crown

  • Preparing for Easter

    Some of the great symbols of our faith have been sadly misused in history, but this doesn’t make them any less important.

    My mother observed Lent and always wore all black to church on Good Friday. One time, shortly before we left the house, I asked her why. 

  • The Passover Controversy

    One of the biggest holidays surrounding Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection is polarizing people.

  • Aftereffects of Cyclone Idai

    Thousands of people are still suffering from the flooding and destruction caused by one of this year’s worst tropical storms in Africa.

    Tropical cyclone Idai has caused tremendous devastation and loss for the people of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

  • Heart of Healing for Burundi

    Burundi is called the heart of Africa, and when you look at it on a map, you can see why. The small country is shaped very much like our body’s most vital organ. 

    Learning to Lead by Serving

    When I was in school, I thought I would be a doctor because I was good in science.

  • Anna Grace Emuna

  • Unseen in the Middle East

    God is reaching out and caring for those who are considered a burden by their society.

    You are driving down a rural backroad in the Middle East. To pass through a check-point on the road, you must have cigarettes and spare change.

  • Mongolia: A New Spiritual Frontier

    Mongolia may be often forgotten by the outside world, but its believers are crying out for the Holy Spirit to sweep their country like a powerful wind.

  • Tactics for Pastors Battling Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

    Man sitting on steps with face in his hands

    We are posting this article on behalf of the recent events that took place at Real Life Church in California.