Women Empowerment

A Place at Home

Morgan Pracht

World Challenge’s partners in Kenya are providing refuge for girls threatened with forced child marriage.

For many young girls in parts of Kenya, the questions of who and when they marry is not up to them. A legal battle against child marriage has been fought for decades in Kenya. Underage marriage was banned in 1990 and was more heavily criminalized by a law passed in 2014, but that has done little to stop the practice.

A True Home on the Runaway Road

Rachel Chimits

God met one young woman in the Middle East on her path running away from her family and home into a sea of economic and social unrest.

Amal was born in a devout Shiite family, one of 10 children. She was raised to rigorously follow her Muslim faith, and her childhood and teen years as a cherished daughter were both happy and uneventful.

Stitching a New Future

Rachel Chimits

In India, God is reaching out and providing for families in need through some of the simplest means: career training for women.

One young lady in India shared with our team her daily struggles for the last couple years, which were sadly exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Stitching a New Story

Rachel Chimits

A young woman in India felt her life had effectively come to a close until she met people who were ready to show her Christ’s compassion.

Yahvat* married her husband six years ago. Her family was quite poor, but she was hopeful for her future with this marriage.

However, he neglected her. She hoped that things would improve with time, but instead the problems lingered, and no amount of prayers at the temples or incense or offerings seemed to improve her situation.