Spiritual Warfare

In a Fight for Our Lives

Gary Wilkerson

Guilt, depression, anxiety and all sorts of spiritual accusations can suddenly catch us by surprise, so how do we combat those moments with the truths we have in Christ. 

When I was in high school, I took kickboxing, and I got pretty good. I had a good time with it and was in some competitions and stuff. Now I wasn't a combative person. If anything, people have described me as ‘nice’ almost my whole life. It’s not exactly a description I enjoy, but people call me a nice person.

One Need at a Time

World Challenge Staff

While our partners were addressing a community’s need for water, God brought other needs to their attention too. 

In Macedonia’s capital city, Skopje, many public squares and parks are marked by beautiful sculptures of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. Two of my favorites are purportedly Aleksandar and his father.

A Balm for Guilt and Grief

World Challenge Staff

Scripture is filled with people who fail, sin against God and lose what they love, but it also offers the opportunity of redemption to those who are burdened by their past. 

Most film adaptations of books are praised for their faithfulness to the source material, especially with an author as famous and revered as Shakespeare.