bible reading

Four Ways to Study the Bible

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss four different ways to learn more about God’s person and commands in his great letter to humanity.

What Exactly Is Hermeneutics?

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss what exactly hermeneutics are and how every Christian should know how to use this biblical discipline.

How to Read Scripture Deeply

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss how Christians should approach God’s Word and the tools or methods available to help illuminate scripture.

No Fig Leaves for Sale

World Challenge Staff

People are inclined to hide their flaws, but the Bible takes a brutally honest look at humanity’s brokenness for a very important reason: only God is perfect, and we can only be transformed if we believe that powerful truth.

Once upon a time, ‘heroic nudity’ was as thing.

Neighbors Supporting a New Mother

World Challenge Staff

The church in South East Asia has gathered around one woman in a way that almost certainly saved her life.

World Challenge’s partners in Bangladesh work in one of Dhaka’s small neighborhood communities where almost everyone is considered a lower caste Hindu. The people who live in the neighborhood are mostly poor day laborers making a living by shining shoes, selling cow and goat skins or driving trucks.