The Start of a New Life

Rachel Chimits

Children in Kenya are being offered a new lease on life and a chance to know God by World Challenge’s partners.

In places shaken by unrest, children are often the first to suffer and the ones to carry the marks of it longest afterward. 

Agape Hope Children Center was built to respond to needs of many children who have absorbed the impact of the last two decade of tribal conflict and economic turmoil in Kenya. Agape is World Challenge’s partner, built to protect orphans and help them build a new life, and we have been honored to witness how God has moved through them. 

For many children, the center is their only opportunity for education and to experience the closest love to that of family. Most importantly, though, the center is where many of these children will come to know their heavenly Father.

A Young Man and Scientist

Stephen was orphaned when he was still very young. None of his family was willing to care for him or his siblings. He was constantly abused, neglected and shuffled between homes. 

This took a toll on him emotionally and psychologically, and he became very withdrawn. At one point, he even dropped out of school for a whole year. He was miserable and had no real hopes for the future.

Stephen was brought to the Agape Hope Children Center more than 10 years ago, and his life has steadily transformed in that time. He gave his heart over into the care of Christ, gaining an eternal hope that will never fail him. He has also had access to education, shelter and care.

Stephen just completed his secondary school education and is very excited about the next chapter of his life. He is a science enthusiast and has often represented his school in science competitions. An avid soccer player, he enjoys playing with the other boys at Agape. His future is unfolding in a way no one might have foreseen when he was a little child. 

A Confident and Well-Loved Woman

When the team found Brenda, she was frail, thin and malnourished. Excruciatingly shy, she could hardly bring herself to speak to strangers. 

Her mother had simply left home one day and never returned. Brenda and her two younger siblings were left in the care of their eldest sister who was only ten years old at the time. Brenda did everything she could to help her older sister to take care of their younger siblings. The abandonment and then abrupt pressures of parenthood had affected her body and mind.

Since coming to the center, Brenda has undergone a tremendous transformation. She is now a confident young woman that has just completed her primary school education and is looking forward to high school. Brenda goes about her day cheerfully, diligently taking care of her chores and playing with the younger children. She feels that she has been blessed with friends and family at the center.

God has consistently been redeeming and transforming lives through Agape. For more on what God is doing with them and his miraculous provision that allowed the center to secure a permanent site, check out this incredible story that our Mercy Ministry Director Mark Buzzetta shared earlier this year.

These children and young adults’ stories of healing and hope has been made possible by the support of partners and friends such as you.