“Please Bring the Gospel to Our Village!”

Andreas Steffensen

Do you ever wonder if your prayers and financial support for World Challenge really make a difference?  Look no further than a “Macedonian call” from a rugged desert vista in the hills of Kenya.

“Please bring the Gospel to our village,” a local chief from the Samburu tribe pleaded with our team.  “We have no church!”  It reminded us of Paul’s vision of the Macedonian man begging him to “Come over to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9).

We were joyous yet stunned. Gerald, who coordinates our programs in this inhospitable expanse of Northern Kenya, struggled to hold back tears.  He said, “It’s the first time I’ve heard someone begging for the Gospel to be brought to their village.”

The Most Unreached

The Samburus typify the target mission field of World Challenge and World Poverty Solutions: the most unreached, forgotten, and hurting.  They live in goat-skin covered huts among thorny thickets, tending camels and goats.  Seventy percent practice animism and witchcraft.

In collaboration with the local church, we are training entire teams of local evangelists to reach some of the least-reached people groups of Kenya.  We have invested hundreds of hours in prayer, strategy, networking, and training.  Our teams show Jesus’ love by teaching life-changing skills like healthcare, hygiene, and agriculture.  This blesses people in the villages and earns a hearing for the Gospel with otherwise fierce opponents.

Jesus is Calling

We’re now seeing many open doors.  The Holy Spirit has led the teams to minister to 10 distinct people groups— 3.1 million of whom are Muslims, and 1.5 million animists.

For example, that first night when we visited the Samburu village, our team played the Jesus Film.  Many, especially children, professed faith in Christ.  But raised hands don’t mark the conclusion of our work; they mark the beginning.  Our calling is to make disciples. God wants to transform every aspect of individual lives and communities.  This transformation attracts even more people to Him.

Now we ask for more prayers and support to reach the thousands of villages in the vast Kenyan frontier.  To invest in this “Macedonian call,” please use our secure online donation form.   Thank you!