Ministering Around the World

John and Mark explore how great spiritual vitality often comes through great difficulties and how the Holy Spirit meets God's people in their trials, lighting a fire in their souls.

Where There Once Was No Church

World Challenge Staff

God is building his church in some of the most closed nations in the world through daring conviction of his children who put their lives in danger to share the gospel. 

Abdul was unfamiliar with the good news of Jesus until a friend shared it with him. He recalled, “This message stuck to my heart, and I thought about it for weeks and continued to meet him.” Every time they met, Abdul had more questions for his friend, and his longing to know more grew.

The Rise or Demise of a Nation - Part 2

Whether it happens through the world, Satan or even our own human nature, the church is constantly being worn down. We should expect this, but we should not accept it.