Conference Prayer Warriors

Join Us in a Prayer Campaign!

We’re looking for intercessory prayer warriors who will lift up the pastors attending the Fire in Our Bones conferences in 2023. If you want to become one of our prayer warriors, sign up and then start lifting up these three prayer points:

1. Pray that pastors will be increasingly seeking God’s will and heart.

2. Pray that pastors will be set free from discouragement and besetting sins.

3. Pray that the Spirit will begin to move powerfully within the church again.

But We Preach Christ

How do we live our lives in such a way that when we share the Word of God, we speak with the wisdom and power of the Spirit? Gary Wilkerson breaks down how we cultivate a heart that listens to the Spirit's directions. A ministry that is built around the Lord's Word alone will have a unique fire and life at its center.

Where Are the Magic Bricks?

Have you ever stepped out in faith to follow God's will only to feel like God didn’t go with you? In this session, Tim Dilena discusses what we should do when the first step of obedience feels like we made a mistake. God is teaching us how to get back up and keep going after we've been knocked down following the Lord's call.

Spiritual Leadership

Church leaders in America are increasingly operating in a culture like what Daniel experienced in Babylon. They are facing pressure to succumb to social expectations and demands for entertainment. In this session, John Bailey discusses how believers and pastors in particular can find the strength to stand strong against the world.