church leaders

Maximizing Kingdom Resources

Special guest Tony Amaradio joins Pastor John Bailey to help churches and ministries learn how to maximize their resources for the Kingdom of God.

Falling in Love with the Gospel Again

In this session, John Bailey is joined by Gary Wilkerson to discuss how Bible teachers can cultivate a passion for their relationship with God and avoid falling into “Christ-less” Christianity.

The Shaping of a Leader

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Gary Wilkerson to discuss how growing into a good leader must start with developing unique skills and God-given gifts rather than mimicking someone we admire.

Endings and New Beginnings

John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how this season of their podcast is closing and what comes next for them both.

Risking It All for God’s Call

John Bailey

How do we become people of God who boldly live for the gospel and have real impact on the world around us?

I would say I’m a pretty adventurous guy. The second time I went skiing was in Colorado, and I was with a friend who’s a black diamond skier. He turned to me and said, “Hey, let’s tree ski.” I shrugged. “Sure!”

Let’s just say I’m lucky to be alive today.

Stitching Up the Wounds

Gary Wilkerson

How do we stir up a radical passion for God’s will and people in the world? Suffering and how we respond to it could be our answer.

Fiery passion for God’s work is born out of compassion, if you think about it. God sent Christ to die for sinners. Biblically, his glory and judgment go hand-in-hand with his love for us as his image-bearers and grief over sin.

Encouraging Believers in Peru

World Challenge Staff

World Challenge’s partners are holding pastor and youth conferences as well as reaching widows and building up the church in South America. 

One of our partners who ministers to a group of churches in Peru sent us this report about how recent events and individual work has been going.