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Reaching Unimaginable Destinations
Pulpit Series Newsletters

The Bible we read is a book of hope. The hope it gives us is not moderate, average or normal. It doesn’t inspire us toward the status quo, to merely survive and get by. The hope of God’s Word is expressed in powerful promises that lead to unimaginable results from God’s own hand. That hope leads us to destinations far beyond our wildest expectations.

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Developing a Habit of Prayer

“When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret, will reward you openly” (Matthew 6:6).

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How Should We Pray?

Many Christians may feel that they “don’t pray well,” but this begs the question of what we actually mean when we say that and how can we grow into a people of prayer.

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The Power and Simplicity of Prayer

Prayer is a central piece of the Christian life, but actually doing it challenges many believers. We often don’t pray when we have chances to do so. Not praying has been a common human issue for a very long time, but why does reaching out to God seem so hard sometimes? This week, Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church talks about the incredible power of prayer, misconceptions about prayer, the strange difficulty and the true simplicity of prayer. Prayer is a central piece of the Christian life, but actually doing it challenges many believers. We often don’t pray when we have chances to do so. Not praying has been a common human issue for a very long time, but why does reaching out to God seem so hard sometimes? This week, Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church talks about the incredible power of prayer, misconceptions about prayer, the strange difficulty and the true simplicity of prayer.

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Pray for Someone Else

Please, pray for my work situation: protection from the consequences of a bad situation, an understanding boss, and above all, another job. I really, really want to change to another and I'm in agony because of this.
matilda | April 1st, 2020

Please pray for me deliverance from outside pressure and bullying, forgiveness in my attitude and wisdom in these situation. May God lift this heaviness from my shoulders. Thank you.
mikaela | April 1st, 2020

Please pray for our pastor and wife divine protection against coronavirus as they both belong to the riskgroup. Pray for their big family financial security. Thank you.
mikaela | April 1st, 2020

I need a financial breakthru, I'm not coping, I can't pay my children's school fees or pay my bond. I'v bn like this for more than 20yrs,ai jst need to pay people's money, & live free of having to pay interest to ppl monthly
spokazi | April 1st, 2020

Pray my mother's blood sugar level is normal and for her to be healed of type 2 diabetes. Also, pray she has no side effects from medication, has no problems with her back, handles stress well and has normal blood pressure.
monte | March 31st, 2020

Then my husband would believe
cathi | March 31st, 2020

I felt that God called me to establish a new Bank in AZ. I have been working on it for 5 years. I was in the final phase when COVID halted the process. Pray that God will provide me with guidance, faith and success. Thanks!
dennis | March 31st, 2020

Please pray for me to be strong in temptation and trail used the vape today gave in . I am under a trail my daughter is living with me and she smokes and vapes, also it been a trial with her being here
mary | March 31st, 2020

For God to break the power Satan has on our city, state & federal governments! For our Nation to become a Greater Blessing to Israel, the Jewish People & the poor in our country & throughout the World through Missions, Gov.!
christopher | March 31st, 2020

SALVATION, PENTECOST & POWERFUL WORD MINISTRY for Bonnie, Byron, Jennifer, & Greg! They need to receive blessings & help!
christopher | March 31st, 2020

having extreme bullying at work.have a specific job in a small field.Loosing job blacklist me; make impossible get another job. close to retirement. a womn at work is causig trouble;lying to my boss. I single; have noone.
lisa | March 31st, 2020

I'm taken care of my mother who has dementia. Her name is Pearl. I need the Lords direction in how to make her life as comfortable and pleasant as I can. She needs salvation. I need to walk in the right timing with this.
barbara | March 29th, 2020

Having chronic Asthma attacks and major congestion from sleeping on floor at apartment with no furniture I am suppose to be moved out April 1 and all my friends and family are in Alaska i don't know anyone in the city
deborah | March 29th, 2020

For my Brother to be healed, restored from all lung problems & immune to coronavirus { all the same for Mom & me }!
christopher | March 29th, 2020

Please pray for Dave as he works keeping his crew safe during this crisis. Also pray for he and I as we strive to build a relationship that is pleasing to God during this time of separation.
jayne | March 29th, 2020

Asking that you pray for my marriage I've come to see you that the enemy is trying to kill Christian marriages please pray that God will use this time to start a revival in marriage so that his name will be glorified
e | March 29th, 2020

Nephew Matthew deliverance from vaping thank you.
mary | March 29th, 2020

Need deliverance from vaping very hook. Sent in a prayer request to get smoking cigarettes and cant smoke them get sick. Now I need to be set free of vaping thank you for family to
mary | March 29th, 2020

My marriage. That I would be bold in knowing who I am in Christ God would show me what this struggle is that is raging war within me. I want to be the person God created me to be. Words to express my feeling to my husband
March 28th, 2020

Our grandson Samuel who is 10 months old has been struggling with passing out. He has been through lots of medical tests and they have been inconclusive. We need a miracle Thank you
joyce | March 28th, 2020

A prayer for strength for everyone battling COVID19.
kristina | March 28th, 2020

I do need more confidence and believing that God will provide me all my needs.
marek | March 28th, 2020

Prayers for son Joseph,disabled veteran w/PTSD.He is homeless in CA, for healing from addictions (alcohol/drugs), mental issues, health, stuttering. For right people to help him, the Holy Spirit to fill him, he is a believer.
marsha | March 28th, 2020

Financial Freedom - that I can have resources to pay all my debts. Protection of whole family circle from any viruses or works of the enemy and to have a great faith in God in this time of world health crisis.
hermelyn | March 27th, 2020

finances had not been it the best place. For God to build my credit , to get another fulltime job, and a car. The protect my family and me from the virus and that the Lord bless you and keep and make his face shine upon you
andrea | March 27th, 2020

Finances, Guidance, Health, Spiritual Warfare"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus.."
andrea | March 27th, 2020

My Grandaughter, Alexia age 17. I love my Grandaughter so much, and she is hurting inside, she claims to have ADHD. I am asking in His powerful name that He give her a Spirit of a sound mind! Amen
March 27th, 2020

That my new client is custom sent from the Lord in Jesus Name. Also for my last client Millie to not stay sad over me leaving on to my new client for her also to know how much I love her.
March 27th, 2020

I have a cousin ( Tom). Who’s in a self induced coma and on a ventilator due to this virus. My son who I I’ve with has sewer problems. Our septic system has backed up into my apartment in the basement where I live.
sandy | March 27th, 2020

Currently, in need of a job since February 6, 2020. I have a prospect for one with a scheduled call from a coach on Monday, March 30th at 3pm. Please lift me up in prayer as do want to be in God's complete and perfect will.
cynthia | March 27th, 2020

Pray for my son and I to make it finsncially and good health and to be able to pay ALL my debts and be a positive ATTITUDE towards this or enemies in all areas of life spiritual and be a light in the Lords body. God bless you
rita | March 27th, 2020

Greetings! I am writing from Jamaica. I lost my job due to the Covid-19 virus and so I request prayers for a new job soon and the heart to desire God's will and do it without fear or favor. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
shantana | March 27th, 2020

I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for 8 months. The recent events have jerked the rug out from underneath me. I cannot attend any of the events and classes I was involved in to get well. Things seem worse.
brenda | March 27th, 2020

Praying that God would strengthen my faith and increase my capacity to love unconditionally. To help me sense his presence even when alone much of the time. Praying for family and other ms salvation in Jesus name.
jennifer | March 27th, 2020

Dear Prayer Warriors, Please lift up my brother Wesley and his wife Cyndy as they are going through marital problems and divorce papers have been served. Thank you and may God continue to bless you all and keep you always.
karen | March 27th, 2020

I have lung cancer and they have cancelled all chemos, so my hopen and heart are in fathers hands and I trust him, I've came through 4 cancers before now I trust him and believe his word, he is faithful always,glory lord
martin | March 27th, 2020

since this whole pandemic started I have not been able to think straight. Thinking about the mark of the beast and the chip and the rapture. Thinking that I can’t survive running from all of it. I feel like I have no faith.
delilah | March 27th, 2020

THANKS: Thanks to Jesus, you prayed for a young man in ICU whos situation was hopless. Mother and relatives were getting ready to say goodbye, but Jesus healed that man! His lungs started to work and it was miracle. PRAISE!
diana | March 27th, 2020

My wife Marie and I our Missionaries in Guatemala, pray for our adult children in OH & TX for favor and protection. Pray for the Lord’s guidance that we hear how He would have us minister during and after the C19 crisis.
david | March 27th, 2020

Prayer request for all individuals touched and impacted in the Travel Industry, including myself of losing their only employment.
michelle | March 27th, 2020

Prayer for a fully furnished studio with washer and dryer this week, first healing of asthma and time to sleep and rest my brother died suddenly and I'm alone my job is ending I need christian fellowship
deborah | March 27th, 2020

Jeff Strait checked into rehab because of addictions
kathleen | March 26th, 2020

Praying God makes a way for 3 grandsons to complete kitchen renovation. Josh has 3 girls, &hesitate due to virsus crisis, Dory works has full work responsibilities, Paul is pastor with full time responsibilities.
mary | March 26th, 2020

Our son has been out of work for three years since his plant was closed. He desperately needs a job. Please ask God to provide. He is a believer
marjorie | March 26th, 2020

Please pray the Holy Spirit will convict my husband David of sin and lead him to Jesus for salvation. Also David needs healing of Barrett's esophagus, brain injury and deliverance from alcohol and smoking. Thank you.
mary | March 26th, 2020

Son w/paranoid schizophrenia. He fears meds will poison him. The delusions are dangerous & the voices include much self harm & tell him to end his life,many attempts. Recently, nearly successful, weapon missing his heart.
patty | March 26th, 2020

Pray for me, my marriage and family. The things are very stressful. I’m a male in my sixties and recently found out I have detachment disorder from an abusive schizophrenic father. Jesus gave me a word: I am the good shepherd
March 25th, 2020

My 42yr old nephew and godson Corey is in ICU in a S.C. hospital. He was born with a genetic disease that's been ravaging his body in recent years. Please PRAY for him, my sister Carolyn and the Bartley family. Thank you.✝️
betty | March 25th, 2020

Pray for my granddaughter who is living the gay lifestyle. She knows about the gospel but has rejected the truth. My grandson also knows but wants to live his own way. Thank you and I pray also for your ministry.
March 25th, 2020

My job is shutting down this week I have an eviction and no where to go and I lost my ATM card please pray for a break through my brother passed away unexpectedly Sunday and I need Christian fellowship
deborah | March 25th, 2020

Please pray that Charles would have the right thoughts and that he would be able to use his mouth and throat would be free. Neelima would receive 10 lakh rupees. Aaron and Niti would have peace. India
charles | March 24th, 2020

Salvation for my friend Cam.
March 24th, 2020

Need prayers for safety and health of family. My whole family needs more of God's wisdom now. Pray for my employers and work collegues.
sosiceni | March 24th, 2020

I seen the invite for prayer request. I asked my wife her request. (She gets me alot home now.) She hug me then prayer request= for understanding of the hardships of a pregnant wife. I think it is meant for pray for me.
chris | March 23rd, 2020

Please pray that God would draw me to Himself through Jesus Christ. I need faith, grace, and freedom from sin. Thank you so much.
jonathan | March 23rd, 2020

Please pray for my husband to be blessed with all the resources he needs to win his congressional race. He feels called to serve to protect our Christian values and beliefs.
March 23rd, 2020

Hello. Getting old is so hard for me. My body does not always do what I want it to do. I have horrid pain. I am asking Jesus for help; healing, courage, joy! Thank you.
pamela | March 23rd, 2020

Please pray for housing this week I'm on the cold floor which has cockroaches need fully furnished room that is healthy and safe with bed
deborah | March 23rd, 2020

My job may be shutting down this week and I have an eviction notice to move March 25 due to withholding rent from German cockroaches infestation and no hot water I have asthma prayer my sister will open her home in Alaska
deborah | March 23rd, 2020

My brother just passed away this morning he had a massive heart attack I'm devasted he was the only one my daughter was in contact with on social media she doesn't have a phone and is homeless in Washington
deborah | March 23rd, 2020

Prayer for intense pain and discomfort in lower back and hip. I need relief. Also, I need to move to a quiet and private place where I can meditate and read God's word away from here. I can't relax especially here.
david | March 22nd, 2020

Please pray for my Brother Eric who struggle with severe stomach pain since May 2019. We need a miracle for bim. Please for his recovery
rebecca | March 22nd, 2020

My daughter is a nurse on the front lines caring for those that have the coronavirus. Her floor has be dedicated for those suffering. Hedge of protection, peace and confidence.
julie | March 22nd, 2020

My son, Jason, has fallen away into atheism. He believed as a child and I know the truth is still in him. Please pray that he be restored to faith in Christ. Also pray for nephews: "Lord save & deliver Chris & Nicholas."
elizabeth | March 22nd, 2020

I'm a combat wounded Vietnam vet. After receiving my head wound, the fear of death/Hell gave me acute PTSD. Numerous hospitalations, and repercussions from medicines for 52 years, has left me very discouraged. I'm a saint.
March 22nd, 2020

My son John is in Licking, Missouri prison. He is a new born again believer in CHRIST Jesus. He is a 4 time cancer survivor. His case is waiting to be accepted by the Supreme court of MO. Please pray for GOD'S PROTECTION
mandy | March 22nd, 2020

I am a pastor of a small elderly church in Texas. Standing for revival. May our online messages reach those who do not yet know Jesus and my seniors. God use me. Thank you for your ministry!
robin | March 21st, 2020

Please pray for the gift of repentance by His grace to given to me, I have been trying to obtain deliverance & forgiveness from a habitual sin, since May 2019. Be blessed at this strange time in world wide events.
allan | March 21st, 2020

Asking prayer for grandson(Johnathan) who is incarcerated in the New York State prison system. Protection from the Corona Virus. Thank you
stan | March 21st, 2020

Please God to heal my right side,it has been painful.That i would be called back to my present job soon.My wifes job would return to normal sooner,. Thank you and God bless you all.
tom | March 21st, 2020

Please pray for my friends who are in Port au Prince, Haiti following a mission trip. One friend has blood cancer and needs her medication. Please pray that it can be found there in Haiti. Thank you in advance.
mary | March 21st, 2020

Husband starts radiation April 6 for recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy in 2010. Please join me in believing for total healing & provisions for traveling to hospital & care for children at home. Thank you!
toni | March 21st, 2020

I struggle with being single and I truly desire to marry a Godly woman. Please pray that Jesus Christ would help me meet the lady He wants me to marry. Thank you so much and God bless.
jonathan | March 21st, 2020

For my daughter Alejandra. She is in therapy working through issues related to our relocation from Puerto Rico to the US. She endured bullying, which in turn eroded her self confidence. Thank you for your support
luis | March 20th, 2020

I am a caregiver of elderly clients. Lynn, Alma,Ron, Judy, Bill all need salvation and some have serious health issues. As of 5pm tomorrow, all non-essentials are shut down in IL& people are to stay home. I can't. Thanks!
kristin | March 20th, 2020

My husband was a pastor. He passed away suddenly in 2016, leaving me with 8 children at home. The 2 oldest sons are married and love the Lord, but my younger children are losing their way. Please pray for my family.
lori | March 20th, 2020

Please pray for physical healing for Wanda from all disease. She needs healing badly. Chris to be delivered from depression. Kylie and Madison need emotional healing.
wanda | March 20th, 2020

Dear friends please say a prayer for me, guidance for my life and in my ministry. I have a personal need God knows.... also family’s salvation
diana | March 20th, 2020

Please pray for me. Having a lot of anxious thoughts. I have for a while and believing for a complete healing.
holly | March 20th, 2020

Salvation for my son who is in jail n my daughter | March 20th, 2020

Please pray for the safety of our son, Brian, in Va. in the Army. There are major plans being made now at his base. He has a wife and daughter in Montana. Their faith is strong.
cynthia | March 20th, 2020

Please pray that God will give me strength and grace to endure the corona virus outbreak until it ends.
trent | March 20th, 2020

Sacroiliac joint pain get relief for a day or so it returns after adjustment..Exorbitant dental costs for needed treatments.Prayer for my older brother who may need knee surgery.He's not saved yet..God has touched him though
raffaele | March 20th, 2020

Please pray for my healing--body, soul and spirit. Excruciating pain 24/7 for the past year. I am losing my faith and hope and feel despair. I can't hear God's voice and praying is so difficult. Does God really love me?
mary | March 20th, 2020

Pray for guidance and faith, The lord brought me to work at the stock market miraculously in January, current crisis is testing the very word he spoke to me. please pray I will no waiver to his voice, many depend on this.
jeff | March 20th, 2020

Healing of our body and full restoration of any damages to the body and head n neck from chemo,steroids n back injuries n surgery...all restored as per Jerimiah 30.17.,in Jesus,s name Amen.
robert | March 20th, 2020

The company I was working for since 2018 decided they did not need me anymore on 2/6/20. They also lied about my work ethic while working with them in order for them to not have to pay unemployment compensation.
cynthia | March 20th, 2020

Our son Adam & wife Angie are listening to the devil & do not want us to come see them or our 3 year old grandson Ezra.
cherry | March 20th, 2020

Healing for injuries to my neck,shoulders,elbows,wrists,3 areas of my spine,knees & ankles.Also my husband has such bad gas that I have sinus problems. Also for healing of tinnitus & hearing loss. Thank you!
cherry | March 20th, 2020

Please support me in prayer that in these difficult times, god will allow me to keep my unemployment because of the coming recession
margarita | March 20th, 2020

Pls pray for my daughter,17.Rebelling,in bed until afternoon, nights out,disrespectful,lying,got violent when disciplined,police contacts,doesnt attend school regulary,not going to curch anymore.I am single mom of 2teens.thx!
maren | March 20th, 2020

My 18 year old daughter is fighting depression, please pray for her healing.
brian | March 20th, 2020

I live in Omaha & was fired 1/21. Told the job was not a good fit for me after going to them for help with the workload. I’m single with a mortgage & medical bills. I am a doer & want to work! Pray for work please. God Bless!
rona | March 20th, 2020

My husband works for a very small business. They were struggling before COVID-19 but now have been forced to cut his hours in 1/2 and are only guaranteeing him a job through next week. Pray for a new job for him and peace.
eileen | March 20th, 2020

Pray for my husband- he has an autoimmune disease and is a truck driver on the road across the country. He is just trying to keep us above water - I just want him to stay save. Please God, watch over him.
debbie | March 20th, 2020

Please pray for adult children to return to the Lord. Two of my children follow other "gods" , they now are struggling with job loss due to the present crisis.
sue | March 20th, 2020

Our son Sean is in a Transitional Center where people live in close quarters. We have heard that there's a case of COVID-19 in the facility. Please pray for safety & health of the residents, son Sean and the staff there.
carole | March 20th, 2020

Asking God to open doors for a job that will be a good match for me.
patricia | March 20th, 2020

I need God to intervene on my behalf involving a car accident. That God's promises will come to fruition this year. Also that God will provide my financial needs during this time of crisis.
patricia | March 20th, 2020

Healing for Kayleigh! She is a physician in a hospital, and is sick with fever. Pray that it is Not this virus as she has a baby girl&husband , and family.
linda | March 20th, 2020