12 Faces of Missions – April

World Challenge Staff

 Agron and his family


Agron from Albania

Agron and his team have faithfully and humbly served Albania for many years. Even before WPS was blessed to partner with this faithful team, they were laboring and praying for the country of Albania in the name of Jesus.

The team serves and teaches local community members and leaders in a way that address both physical and spiritual aspects of everyday Albanian life. Their commitment to seeing the gospel address practical needs, like finances, food, clothing and, shelter, are supported with a focus on the foundational spiritual truths that draw out the gifts God has planted in each community.

There have been many difficult seasons of ministry for Agron and his team. At one point, funds for their work were completely cut. They had a decision to make. Would they shrink back from the work or would they trust God and place their faith in Him? Agron made a decision to not only preach but live out the message of hope they have sown throughout the country of Albania. A decision that is bearing fruit shown in the lives of many today!

Your prayers are precious encouragement and mighty power in the lives of those men and women of God who are advancing His Kingdom. They help them to know that the body of Christ is supporting their efforts even in the midst of hardship. When we reached out to Agron earlier this month, he was overwhelmed with joy just to know that our World Challenge friends and family were praying for him specifically. Your gracious prayer and support met him and his team as the hands and feet of Jesus in a most difficult time.

Please pray for Agron this month. Pray that God would continue to bless and multiply the work of his hands. Pray that the Holy Spirit would increase the team’s knowledge and wisdom of how to increase the impact of the gospel. Let the Holy Spirit guide your prayer as you support our precious brother and his team in prayer this month. Perhaps you might even call us at 719-896-5404 or write to us so that we can pass along your words of encouragement and support.