Your Mission... If You Choose to Accept It

Gary Wilkerson

A month ago, I had lunch with the evangelist Nicky Cruz, and we had the joy of leading our waitress to Jesus. In turn, she asked if we would pray for her coworker, a woman with pancreatic cancer. We gladly prayed for the sick woman, laying hands on her as Scripture instructs, and immediately she felt dizzy and had to sit down.

Nicky and I could see she was experiencing the power of God from head to toe. We knew that what Jesus began 2,000 years ago is still going strong: His miracles haven’t ceased, and his healing breaks through despite the evil one’s plans to steal, kill and destroy.

The next week I went back to the restaurant with my wife, and we saw the woman Nicky and I had prayed for. Amid a flood of tears, she told us her doctors had run tests prior to her next round of chemotherapy—and they found no trace of cancer. She was fully, absolutely healed.

I’ve preached to crowds of tens of thousands, but nothing so moves me as when God’s power visits one person to heal and save them. This past year I’ve been amazed to see healings and salvation break out in ordinary settings—restaurants, sidewalks, malls. It all happens by Jesus’ grace—and by trusting in his promise to empower us to do greater works than he did.

Friend, you are a part of this move of God. At World Challenge, we’ve seen scores of hungry children fed, orphans provided with homes, families lifted out of extreme poverty, and by God’s grace those works will never cease. Yet nothing is so important, no mission so central, as leading people to Jesus—to see his kingdom come, his power breaking chains of darkness, sickness and fear. Not all of us can build an orphanage in Africa, but each one of us can receive his power from on high and make a life-changing impact on others right where we live.

It’s time for all of us to do more than read God’s great promises of power in the Bible; we are to live those promises. And I can tell you firsthand this amazing shift is available to all who simply have faith. We usually close our missions update by asking for prayer, but this month is different: We will instead pray for you and your God-given mission. Go in faith, love and power. It is a new season!