Witness to Jesus’ Love

Gary Wilkerson

When the Lord came to earth to dwell among us, he had a very specific purpose, one that was formed prior to the foundations of the world. He came with the mission to teach us of the Father, to do mighty works, to rescue us from sin, and to free us from all bondage.

That kind of Savior would naturally draw the attention of this world’s ruling powers but despite all the deadly obstacles thrown at him by man and Satan, Jesus was able to accomplish his purpose.

We live in a world not unlike the one Jesus entered two millennia ago. According to most news sources today, many in America are disturbed by the idea of a Savior like Jesus. In recent years, school administrators, the national media and even government officials have reacted strongly — and negatively — to the public mention of Christ’s name. This should not surprise us, as Jesus foretold that as the day of his return draws near, “the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12).

Not long ago a national Christian children’s hospital submitted a commercial to a TV sports network that refused to air the ad unless the word “Jesus” was removed from it. Also, the patriarch of the family featured on the popular TV show Duck Dynasty stated that the Bible does not condone homosexuality and he was called a bigot, a homophobe and a hate-monger. Obviously, these are minor persecutions compared to those suffered by Christians in nations where Christianity is outlawed. In my visits to over sixty nations, I have seen the daily hardships that believers overseas endure. Yet I can assure you that very soon things will become worse for the church in America. Persecution will grow worse because the gospel continues to frustrate those who walk in darkness.

May our hearts be ruled by the love of Jesus Christ so that we can witness to his love and see his purposes accomplished amidst this corrupt generation.