A Voice to the Voiceless

Roger Jonker

The following is a beautiful letter written to us by a grieving mother.  The testimony she paints is a of daughter’s utter faithfulness to God despite severe disabilities.  The mother’s letter has been slightly edited and abridged:

Writing a special note of encouragement as I wish to express deep, profound gratitude for all your articles, which I’ve read over the years.

My beautiful daughter, Diane Barbara Jackson, entered eternal life and glory on 11-7-2016.  God gave me grace upon grace to care for her daily in her home for six years, as I am an old registered nurse.  I read your articles to her, and they were soul food.  It was a great journey of love to care for my daughter through Jesus.

My daughter was totally disabled, but God blessed her with a heart of love and charity.  She was an awesome daycare mom who blessed low-income mothers.  She never felt poor, but I’m sure the world judged differently by their standard.  After her death, we found all your articles from years ago, which included your dear father David Wilkerson’s writings.  I kept mine and reread them often.  

Diane was a great Jesus believer and your articles encouraged her life.  I sure did comprehend how she cherished them.

I’m humbled to read of Diane’s remarkable life and ministry.  We’re privileged to have had a small role in encouraging her and her mom, perhaps when they needed it most.