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Spiritual Leadership

Church leaders in America are increasingly operating in a culture like what Daniel experienced in Babylon. They are facing pressure to succumb to social expectations and demands for entertainment. In this session, John Bailey discusses how believers and pastors in particular can find the strength to stand strong against the world.

Where Are the Magic Bricks?

Have you ever stepped out in faith to follow God's will only to feel like God didn’t go with you? In this session, Tim Dilena discusses what we should do when the first step of obedience feels like we made a mistake. God is teaching us how to get back up and keep going after we've been knocked down following the Lord's call.

On What Do We Hang Our Hope?

What do you put your hope in? We’ve all been trained in church to say “God” automatically, but is that really true? Gary Wilkerson explores how the great falls in our spiritual walks happen when we’ve placed our aspirations on something other than Christ. He discusses how we can desire good things in life without putting our hopes on anything other than God.

Three Strikes and You Are Out

We all have seasons where we become discouraged and question God’s plans. Often the ways that Jesus moves in our lives or the lives of our loved ones doesn’t make sense to us. At that point, we can make foolish, hasty decisions. In this session, Nicky Cruz explores how we combat impatience in our walk with Christ.

Hope Still Lingers

God’s grace will carry his children through terrible, impossible situations even when we can’t see a way through. How do we understand the way God’s power and the presence of the Holy Spirit give us hope as we face very real issues of evil and suffering? Chris Palmer explores the biblical answer to this question.

My Hope is In Him, Not In Me

Many pastors are weighted down by increasing expectations among believers for bigger churches and better performances on the stage. Chris Palmer spends this session dismantling the impossible pressure that church leaders face to be perfect. The church is not called it be perfect; it’s called to be anointed with the Holy Spirit.

The Authority of the Leader

How does a believer gain spiritual strength and authority in their life? A pastor can only lead the church into a place of health and strength if he already has these qualities in himself. In this session, Gary Wilkerson discusses how church leaders become mature and develop a healthier relationship with God and others in their lives.

The Identity of the Believer

How do we testify about God in a way that truly impacts the world? Gary Wilkerson talks in this session about how knowing our identity in Christ is the key to an effective witness. If we build our lives around God’s definition of us and his relationship to us, we will find freedom from old, clutching sins.

Authentic Spiritual Leadership

The life of a Christian isn’t just a hard life. It’s an impossible life unless it’s based entirely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power. In this session, John Bailey challenges believers and church leaders to submit themselves completely to God. Repeated submission through hardships and victories is the crucible of holiness.